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Customer Feedback: Martin Abbott Engineering

Tapflo UK 5 Star Feedback

Tapflo completed an order for one of our many valued customers and in return received some great feedback that we’d like to share with you all!

Martin from Martin Abbott Engineering Ltd. needed pumps for three different applications:

  1. Recipe water for a food manufacturer, from the bulk tank to flow meter at processing machine, via 40m of 2” pipeline.
  2. Recipe vegetable oil for a food manufacturer, from the bulk tank to flow meter at processing machine, via 40m of 2” pipeline.
  3. Various sauces for food filling line, from parecon to filling pump hopper, via de-mountable 1” line.

For applications 1 and 2 the Original supplier was unable to meet the required delivery date, Tapflo was able to meet the deadline and we recommended Martin use a CTH-CC-1CGN-3X50/40-22M.

Hygienic Centrifugal fitted with a shroud and suitable for inverter driven. Material seals: 1CGN Ceramic/Graphite/NBR Inlet size: DN50 DIN 11851 Outlet size: DN40 DIN 11851 Motor details: 1450 rpm, 1.1kW, the motor can work with frequency inverter

“Tapflo were able to advise on specification, and their recommendations have proved to be correct in service.”


T225 STT

Description: 2” Tri-clamp Sanitary Pump, polished 316L fitted on a swivel stand for draining.Sanitary Diaphragm Pump

Martin had used this AODD “very successfully” on similar applications before and has said that “cleanability is second to none, which is particularly important in the food industry. The flip-over feature for draining is ideal.”

Martin has kindly said that he would recommend Tapflo for all three applications in the future, stating we’re competitive on price and that he “can’t fault” our service. Take Martin’s word for it! Competitive prices, great products and service that can’t be faulted!

A huge thanks to Martin for giving us the feedback. Click below to see more reviews from happy customers!

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