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Pump repairs

If you have a pump breakdown that requires immediate attention or an old pump that requires overhauling, we are more than happy to receive the pump back to our workshop and turn it around for you in the quickest way possible. If the pump cannot be lifted from the system and requires attention on-site, we can also arrange for one of our dedicated site engineers to visit you and deal with the problem on-site.

Surveying & Assessment

The pump is the heart of any process and therefore its reliability and efficiency is vitally important. For example, in cooling systems, a pump failure can cause equipment to overheat. In lubrication systems, inefficient pump performance can result in equipment being either destroyed or critically damaged. In critical process systems such as power generation, pump downtime can cause substantial costs in terms of lost production. As a result, engineers often oversize pumps to ensure that they are more than capable of meeting the requirements. Subsequently higher than required operating and maintenance costs befall many sites.

Order Management & Tracking

Enquiring with us and placing an order isn’t where our responsibility and level of service ends. Tapflo UK pride themselves on maintaining our high level of customer service until you have received the pump and are happy that it works as per your requirements. Once you place an order with us, an order acknowledgement is supplied to you within a 24-48 hr time frame with a confirmed date of delivery so that you can forward plan around the supply of the equipment purchased from us.

Design & Specification

If you have a particularly troublesome application that you don’t know what to do with give us a call and we will design and specify the correct equipment to fulfil your exact requirements. It could be as simple as selecting the right pump for the job or providing a bespoke pumping system from our Custom System department.

Typical pumping systems are comprised of 5 basic components:

  • Pumps
  • End use Equipment such as Heat Exchangers, Tanks and other hydraulic equipment
  • Valves
  • Prime Movers / Pump Drivers
  • Piping

Looking for more information about the services offered by Tapflo UK?

Our friendly team at Tapflo UK would be more than happy to assist you further with any pump solutions, delivery information or questions you have. If you need additional support on-site, you can speak to a member of the team today to organise a site visit.

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