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Tailored Pumping Solution for Slime Vending Machine

Recently a new client in London approached us with a unique concept and brief; build a slime vending machine. Who better to conceptualise, build and deliver on a tailored pump solution than Tapflo UK!

Operating as the UK’s first high-street slime store, Gootopia has quickly gained popularity since its recent opening in the Lewisham Shopping Centre. Designed to offer a unique and engaging experience for children, Gootopia provides a wide range of slime-themed activities and packages.

As a remarkable attraction, Gootopia introduced the world’s first slime vending machine, known as the ‘Goo-to-Go’ machine. To power this innovative vending solution, Gootopia partnered with Tapflo UK, and the engineering team were keen to jump on this exciting project!

Slime Vending Machine powered by a Tapflo PTL25 Peristaltic Pump


Application Details Components of the System Solutions & Benefits Conclusion Here's what Tapflo UK had to say about this project

Application Details

Gootopia required a pumping system that could deliver slime from their ‘Goo-to-Go’ vending machine reliably and efficiently. To meet this demand, Tapflo UK’s design and engineering team worked closely with Gootopia to understand their specific requirements. The challenge was to create a pumping solution that would accommodate the unique characteristics of slime, cater to the accessibility needs of young children and fit within the compact space of the vending machine.

Components of the System

The ‘Goo-to-Go’ vending machine is powered by Tapflo UK’s PTL25 Peristaltic Pump. A few key components of the system include:

  • Custom Pipework: The pump features custom pipework designed specifically for Gootopia’s slime vending requirements, ensuring a seamless flow from the holding tank to the discharge point
  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD): The PTL25 was equipped with a Variable Speed Drive, enabling speed adjustment as needed. This allowed Gootopia to control the slime dispensing rate and cater to different customer preferences
  • Custom-Designed Holding Tank and Discharge Point: Tapflo UK designed a holding tank and discharge point tailored to Gootopia’s unique needs. This ensured efficient transfer and distribution of slime while maintaining the desired consistency
  • Custom-Designed Frame: To fit within the limited space of the ‘Goo-to-Go’ vending machine, Tapflo UK created a custom-designed frame for the PTL25 Peristaltic Pump. The compact and robust frame allowed for easy integration and ensured the pump’s stability during operation

The PTL25 Peristaltic Pump offered several standard features and benefits that made it an excellent choice for Gootopia’s application. These included:

  • Accessibility and Ease of Use: Considering Gootopia’s target audience, the pump system was designed for accessibility and ease of use. The pump featured a push-button operation, allowing young customers to start the slime dispensing process effortlessly with a simple ‘Push to Pump’ mechanism
  • Gentle Fluid Handling: The PTL25 ensures gentle handling of fluids to avoid frothing during the pumping process. This characteristic is crucial for maintaining the quality and consistency of Gootopia’s slime products
  • Enhanced Durability: The rotor of the PTL25 Peristaltic Pump is supported by oversized ball bearings within the pump casing, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and reliability
  • Optimal Material Construction: Manufactured from robust Aluminium Alloy, both the pump casing and rotor ensure durability and resistance to corrosive elements
  • Efficient Handling of Viscous Fluids: The PTL25 is well-suited for handling fluids with higher viscosity and those containing solids. This capability enables seamless operation within Gootopia’s slime vending machine, accommodating their specific product characteristics

Solutions & Benefits

Tapflo UK’s team of experts proposed the PTL25 Peristaltic Pump as the ideal solution for Gootopia’s ‘Goo-to-Go’ vending machine. This pump model was selected due to its ability to handle low flow batching and metering applications while offering precise control, essential for accurately dispensing slime. The PTL25 Peristaltic Pump was equipped with several custom features and components to ensure optimal performance and usability.


Tapflo UK’s partnership with Gootopia exemplifies their commitment to delivering innovative pumping solutions tailored to clients’ precise requirements. By utilising the PTL25 Peristaltic Pump, Gootopia successfully launched the world’s first slime vending machine, providing an exciting and engaging experience for children. Tapflo’s extensive expertise, dedication to excellence and customised approach solidified their position as the preferred choice for bespoke pump systems in various industries.

To learn more about what Tapflo UK can offer for your specific application or to get in touch with their sales team, call 02380 252 325 or email [email protected]. You can also plan a fun day out with the kids and take a look at how the PTL25 is operating by visiting the Gootopia store at https://www.gootopia.co.uk/.

Here's what Tapflo UK had to say about this project

‘’We are delighted to have worked with Gootopia to deliver a comprehensive pumping solution tailored to their needs,” said Adam Evans, Tapflo UK’s Design Engineer. ‘’At Tapflo UK, we love a challenge and our team is dedicated to working closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide bespoke pumping solutions that perfectly suit their operational requirements. We are thrilled to have played a part in bringing Gootopia’s innovative slime vending machine to life.’’

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