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How to Select and Use a Tapflo Powder Pump

PTFE Powder Pump

Tapflo’s TP Powder Pump is a type of Diaphragm Pump with a PTFE coating that ensures the pump can efficiently transfer powders. The benefits of using Tapflo Powder Pumps includes them being highly economical compared with other complex powder systems, such as Conveyer and vacuum systems.


These pumps are also convenient and safer compared to manual powder handling. In fact, no dust and no labour are involved. There are several standard powder pump execution

  • PTFE coated aluminium pumps
  • AISI316L suction and discharge manifolds
  • Air induction system

How does a Powder Pump work?

The TP Powder Pump works like a standard Diaphragm Pump, using compressed air to drive the two diaphragms inside the pump.

These diaphragms work together, as one traps a set volume of liquid, the other pushes the same volume of liquid through the outlet port. In Tapflo’s TP Pumps, the air is then recycled back into the pump to dislodge any powder trapped around the ball valve. This prevents blockages in the pump that would be caused by a build-up of powder.

How does a Powder Pump work?The air induction system includes:

  1. Process powder
  2. Valve ball
  3. Diaphragm
  4. Non-return valve
  5. Needle valve
  6. Air induction line

What powder can be pumped?

Our Powder Pump can handle different types of process powders including 80 up to 720 kg/m3 dry weight and Non-hygroscopic powders.

A few examples of common powders are:

  • Sintering powder
  • Carbon black
  • Resins
  • Silicones.

sintering powder

Useful Tip! A general test that we recommend is to squeeze the powder in your fist, if the powder clumps together, your application isn’t suitable for this pump. However, if this is the case, Tapflo will still be able to provide you with an alternative solution from our extensive pump range!

Application Examples

Mining: Pumping powder waste into bags or replacing belt conveyor

Catalytic converter manufacturer: Catalytic powder to mixing pot; using the load cell for batch control; pumping directly out of 200 l drum; using flexible hose; stainless steel suction lance.

Medical Powder: dosing with load cell

Frozen Food: powder transfer in frozen food manufacturing; transfer of herbs and spices.

Icing Sugar: An unusual application, but pumping icing sugar is a powder that would require to be ATEX rated due to the increased risk of explosions caused by small dust particles that can form in the air.
Powder Pump in usePowder Pump in use


Looking for more information? Browse the full range of Tapflo Diaphragm Pumps in our brochure.

diaphragm pump brochure

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