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About Tapflo UK

All About Your Flow

Tapflo is a Swedish, family-owned Pump Manufacturer with experience in the Pump Industry since 1980. The group now operates across 75 countries due to our winning concept of compact Diaphragm Pumps for reliable duty and minimal components for simple maintenance.

Our global reach and experience have ensured that Tapflo is a leading pump manufacturer with a passion for pumps. Our 45+ years of experience within the industry is a guarantee that we have extensive pump knowledge, meaning we can deliver premium products to our customers across the globe.

Tapflo Pumps UK

As the first Tapflo distributor, Tapflo UK began with one man selling our well-known Diaphragm Pump design in 1998. Tapflo UK now operates nationally with a team of over 30 people, supplying not only Tapflo’s AOD and Centrifugal Pump ranges but also the ranges of our partners:

  • Pomac Pumps’ Hygienic Pumps – UK Exclusive Distributor
  • Salvatore Robuschi
  • BBA Pumps’ B-Series Centrifugal Pumps
  • Yildiz Pompa
  • Jump Pump
  • Nova Rotors
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Continuous Progression

At Tapflo UK, we pride ourselves on our engineering standards as we develop a range of products to increase pump efficiency for users. One of our biggest engineering achievements is our ability to lead energy conservation through the launch of our LEAP (Low Energy Air Pump) Technology. Using LEAP, Tapflo UK can reduce your compressed air consumption, therefore reducing costs to your company and aid in meeting environmental goals set by the government.

Not only do we design and manufacture Engineered To Order solutions for any installation requirements, but we are also a leading supplier of industrial and hygienic process pumps and systems.

The Tapflo Values


Our willingness to exceed the customers’ expectations, move fast and be flexible has successfully set us apart from our competitors for 40 years. Our culture is based on the spirit of togetherness, enthusiasm and integrity. We come from all over the world but we share the same values and respect each other. We are highly a committed team working together to reach the best solution for our customers.



We understand that quality is crucial to any project, big or small, that’s why we focus on every small detail. We share a common passion for continuously finding more efficient and effective ways to provide value to our customers. As a manufacturer, we have control of the complete process both in terms of our products and the way we operate internally. That is why we manufacture the highest quality pumps in our segment and also offer a 5-year guarantee with all Tapflo products.


We have a saying, “Simple is art”, which means we try to find smooth and uncomplicated solutions in everything. By keeping it simple, we can focus on the essentials such as designing uncomplicated pumps with few components. This is our key to success; strive to simplify what is complex.