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Powder Pump System To Transfer Rislan

Tapflo’s Powder Pump offers a compact and cost-effective solution for large, complex powder systems, helping customers to create an efficient process line that fits their site’s requirements.


Application Details Pump Solution Features & Benefits

Application Details

A Flow Control Equipment Manufacturer approached Tapflo UK for help creating a Powder Transfer Pump System.

The customer wanted to create a semi-automated powder transfer system for transferring a coating powder from a 100 Litre Conical Storage Tank on the system onto the robotic dipping tanks on their production line. The powder was Rilsan which is used to coat valves and other equipment manufactured by our customer.

The powder would be manually loaded into the storage tank from the sacks that it was delivered in, the tank inlet had to be no higher than waist height to ensure their operators kept within manual handling regulations for weights over 15kg. This tank would cover the volume required for a full day’s product.

Pump Solution

Powder Pump

Tapflo UK offered the customer 2 Powder Transfer Pump Systems. These included Pneumatic Start/Stop controllers, Powder Pumps, custom tanks and stands, fittings, hoses and quick release fittings for easy assembly and disassembly.

We also provided additional support for the customer, starting with an on-site application appraisal and an on-site trial to prove our pump could handle the intended powder. Our team also designed the system with specification draw up, as well as assembly instructions for the customer’s engineering team to fit upon delivery.

There are a variety of options available to our customers in terms of support include on-site visits, troubleshooting and maintenance guides and support over the phone or by email.

Features & Benefits

This was the ideal solution for a range of reasons including:

  • Fully pneumatic, cost-effective, semi-automated Powder Transfer System is a great alternative to typically expensive and complicated conveyor or vacuum transfer systems.
  • Tapflo’s Powder Pump range can be used for a variety of power types with a wide density range of 80 – 720 kg/m³ so if the customer’s requirements change, it’s likely the pump system will still be ideal for their application.
  • Our pumps are easy to use, adjust capacity and maintain compared to other solutions available on the market
  • Should the customer’s requirements change, the pump can easily be re-purposed as a mobile solution

If you’re looking for a reliable Diaphragm Pump solution to help transfer powder efficiently as part of your process line, check out the Tapflo Powder Pump range or get in touch with our pump specialists today.

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