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Pharmaceutical Pump Skid System

Tapflo operates globally, delivering bespoke solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. Our trusted team of engineering experts are available to work with our customers to deliver quality and reliability with every solution. For the customer below, Tapflo offered a skid system that was designed to specifically by the Tapflo team to meet the customer’s needs. Check out the case study below.


Tapflo were approached by a large European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer who were looking for a compact pump solution to handle a range of process and service applications.

Our customer asked for the system to incorporate a range of Tapflo’s core range: ATEX PTFE and Stainless Steel AODD Pumps, Active Pulsation Dampeners and Air Control Units, all designed with Tapflo’s values of reliability, robustness, and simplicity in mind.

The solution would handle a variety of different solvents, acids, and pharmaceutical waste products, so safety and efficiency were our top priority. The solution also needed to be robust to be incorporated into the customer’s modern, state of the art pharmaceutical facility.

Pump Solution

Tapflo worked closely with the customer in the product development process to ensure that the solution being designed met all requirements. An integrated skid solution that combined all the customer’s requirements was designed, including 3D modelling.

The skid system included:

TXY100-DTX100 – Pump with integrated air treatment system and a dampener on a frame

TXY200-DTX200 – Pump with integrated air treatment system and a dampener on a frame

TXBY200-DTX200 – Pump with integrated air treatment system and a dampener on a frame

TXY400-DTX400 – Mobile pump with integrated air treatment system and dampener

TX820-DTX820 – Stainless Steel Pump with integrated air treatment system and a dampener on a frame


Skid system at Tapflo Factory


Features & Benefits

Tapflo Diaphragm Pumps are ideal for handling aggressive liquids such as solvents, acids and waste products for several reasons:

  • Our Diaphragm Pumps feature no-nut, clean face diaphragms which reduces the risk of a rupture and therefore leakages of sensitive material into the pump or surrounding environment.
  • Our pumps have been designed with 70% fewer parts, on the supplied PTFE AODD Pumps this means solid block side housings and on the featured Stainless Steel AODDs, cast housings. This ensures that our pumps are solid, strong, and easy to maintain a reliable and effective solution. The solid block design also improves the pump’s chemical resistance for difficult applications.

Check out this article to find more Benefits of a Tapflo Air Operated Diaphragm Pump.

Tapflo were proud to work closely with our customer to deliver a solution that met their business’ requirements. To discuss your bespoke pump solutions, contact [email protected].

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