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Peristaltic Pump Repair for the Food and Beverage Industry

Tapflo UK has started taking on servicing and repairs in the pump industry for new and current customers. We can offer pump testing and diagnostics as well as repairs, maintenance, and servicing from one of our two leading UK service centres.


Overview Inspection Report Conclusion and recommendations


A customer in the food and beverage industry pumping mint sauce concentrate came to us with an Albin Peristaltic Pump. The customer had reported that they were experiencing issues with a lack of performance and flow rate. We started by insulation testing the motor winding using a calibrated CAT III mega meter, and all three windings exceeded the insulation minimum reading. Following this, we washed the pump down and drained the oil from the pump casing. The oil was slightly discoloured, the hose was misshapen and slightly flattened, having lost some of its elasticity which would have reduced its volume and pumping capacity.

Inspection Report

After dismantling the pump further, the screws in the hub were extremely loose. After the wheel was removed, it could further be seen that the wheel had been stalling while the transmission shaft had continued rotating in the hub. This then resulted in the metal shaving off the hub taper lock, which had settled in the shaft keyway and to the rear in the hub. This would have also contributed to the discolouration of the oil and explained the looseness of the screws, as well as the loss of flow from the pump.

damaged fan cowl on peristaltic pump

Damaged fan cowl

Damaged Hub Taper Lock

Above, you can see the damaged fan cowl and the presence of the metal shavings from the hub taper lock which had settled in the shaft key.

Conclusion and recommendations

For the pump to return to its peak performance, it was recommended that a new hose and hub assembly be renewed. It would also be wise to replace all the seals, seal sleeves and O rings, and refill the pump with fresh oil.

pump readings from motor windings

Taking insulation readings from motor windings.

It would also be advised that the end-user check for any restrictions in the pump delivery pipework which may have contributed to this original failure.

By bringing the pump to us for a service, the customer has saved money as we were able to fix the pump meaning there was no need for the customer to purchase a brand new pump. By carrying out regular servicing and maintenance, you can keep the performance of all your process pump equipment up to a high standard.

To keep your process pump equipment working to the best of its ability, get in touch with the team at Tapflo UK to discuss our pump maintenance and servicing options.

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