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Oil Refinery Pump Solution

Here at Tapflo, one of our clients works in construction and had a significant contract at a large oil refinery. Work had to be grounded to a halt very quickly during the operation due to flooding in the bays where the contractors worked daily. There was pressure for the system to be up and running again, with essential deadlines to hit and work not being resolved until the flooding was dealt with properly. Therefore, Tapflo UK was able to provide an emergency pump solution promptly to deal with the issue.

Application Details

Upon investigating the pump operation, we quickly discovered that two of the bays were filling up fast with a mixture of thick oily silt and nearby seawater. Due to the location of the bays, the fluid and silt would need pumping 50 meters to a waiting tanker. To further complicate matters, the pump would have to be suspended from a crane over the bays to effectively and quickly pump the flooded bays dry.

Pump SolutionAtex Diaphragm Pump

A powerful, robust and versatile 3” Diaphragm Pump (model TX820STT) was selected from our Sanitary Diaphragm Pump range after reviewing the options available. The pump is ATEX Rated, so it meets regulations on the chemical site and features AISI316L Construction with PTFE Internals. As the pump would have to be above the flooding on-site, this self-priming air-operated diaphragm pump (AOD) was the ideal solution.

The pump selected features flap values which allow it to pump large volumes of liquids containing large solids (up to 15mmø) – or thick silt on this occasion. The pump can self-prime up to 9 meters and be hung from the crane due to having eye hooks. It also comes with the option of a Pneumixer to help keep the silt from settling at the bottom of the storage tank.

Features & Benefits

  • Lubrication free air distribution system


  • Maintenance-free ball check valve system


  • Total visual inspection of the wetted parts


  • Supports CIP and SIP & can turn 360° to drain the pump


  • Manifold clamps and the housing screws are simply removed for complete disassembly and cleaning


  • Clean face, no-nut diaphragms to reduce the risk of leakage and makes cleaning simple


The key to finding the right pump solution was by gaining a thorough understanding of the problem at hand, the pumping requirements, and site regulations and restrictions. This was achieved through an in-depth phone call with our client and understanding the severity and urgency of the issue they faced.


If you’re looking for an emergency pump solution, our team of pump experts is on hand to discuss your needs and quickly find a pump solution to meet your requirements!

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