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Hygienic Centrifugal Pump for Beverages

We’ve got a pump for any stage of your process line, whether we’re handling water, ingredients, the final product or CIP fluids, our Pump Specialists have a solution.


This customer found Tapflo UK online and contacted us using our live chat which you can access in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. They were looking for a hygienic pump that could handle ingredients that make up their drink.

The ingredients that needed to be pumped were:

  • Thin Sugar Syrup which needed to be pumped at 200L/min
  • Glycerol at 150L/min
  • Water pumped at 200L/min
  • This all needed to be achieved with a max. of 5m head.

Pump Solution

Hygienic Centrifugal Pump

Tapflo’s Hygienic Centrifugal Pump with hygienic shroud

Tapflo offered the customer 3 CTH Pumps that had been modified to meet the customer’s requirements.

Pump: CTH BB 3T-07TM

The pump was finished with a 0.8ra surface roughness for optimal hygiene, fitted with hygienic Tri-Clamp connections for easy disconnection from the line to carry out cleaning. The solution also has a motor fitted with PTC thermistors for monitoring and the motor is suitable for inverter usage which allows the user to regular flowrate to the desired amount. Tapflo also supplied the pump with a hygienic motor shroud and feet, this allows the user to wash down the pump after being in operation without causing damage to the motor.

The CTH is part of Tapflo’s core range of Centrifugal Pumps. This is the hygienic model, ideal for industries like food, beverage, cosmetic.

Features & Benefits

The CTH Hygienic Centrifugal Pump was ideal for this customer’s requirements because we could make modifications to it easily to fit with the customer’s system and application. Other benefits include:

  • The pump needed to be hygienic as the end product is for human consumption.
  • Protective Shroud ensures that operators can use a pressure washer to maintain the hygiene of the pump and the surrounding area
  • Suitable for inverter usage for Speed control

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