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Marine Engineer Training Rig for Fareham College

When Fareham College reached out to Tapflo UK to discuss an exciting project, both parties set off on an incredible partnership. What began as a straightforward request quickly blossomed into an innovative custom project that will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of marine engineering education at Fareham College.

Dual Centrifugal Pump System


Project Overview Custom Solutions Space Optimisation Educational Impact Industry-Leading Curriculum Conclusion

Project Overview

Fareham College sought a pump supply solution, but this soon expanded into a comprehensive system supply project. The core of the project involved the creation of a dual Centrifugal Pump system with an impressive capacity of 900m³/hr. Tapflo not only supplied the necessary equipment but also collaborated closely with Fareham College to design custom solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Custom Solutions

Tapflo UK’s commitment to innovation and excellence was evident in the comprehensive solutions provided:

Centrifugal Pump System:

  • The centre piece of the project, this system featured two Centrifugal Pumps in duty standby mode, ensuring reliability and efficiency. To safeguard the pumps, a large 10” basket strainer was installed on the suction side
  • Valves and Pipework: we incorporated an array of valve types, including ball valves, check valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, knife gate valves and seat gate valves, all ranging from 3” to 10” in size. The entire system boasted stainless steel 304 pipework, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance
  • Heat Exchanger Pipework: intricate heat exchanger pipework was expertly routed and controlled within the system, adding a layer of complexity and functionality
  • Monitoring and Safety: the system included pressure and temperature monitoring, ensuring safe and efficient operation. Additionally, four strategically placed drain valves facilitated maintenance and system drainage

Dual Centrifugal Pump System

Centrifugal Pump System


Small Centrifugal System:

  • Small Centrifugal Pumps with a suction and discharge isolation valve built onto a compact baseplate with dummy power isolator. This system allows them to undertake all the isolations required to remove a pump as well as allow each student to have their own centrifugal pump to strip down and repair

Small Centrifugal Pump Systems built onto Baseplate with dummy power isolator

Small Centrifugal Pump System

Space Optimisation

Tapflo UK’s innovative design didn’t stop at machinery; it extended to optimising space within Fareham College’s facilities. The systems were meticulously tailored to fit space constraints while ensuring ample room for personnel and lifting equipment. This commitment to both innovation and education underscored the success of the project.

Tools and Equipment

Educational Impact

While the project was technically impressive, its true significance lay in its educational impact. Fareham College’s vision was to provide trainee marine engineers with hands-on, real-life experience. Tapflo UK’s custom solutions formed the foundation for a comprehensive curriculum, including risk assessment, method statement creation, lifting procedures and other essential health and safety documentation that closely mimics real-world applications on naval and commercial vessels.

Industry-Leading Curriculum

Originally conceived as a marine course, Fareham College has now built an industry-leading curriculum around the systems provided by Tapflo UK. The project has transformed the college into a hub for hands-on learning, nurturing the next generation of marine engineers.


At Tapflo UK, we take immense pride in our partnership with Fareham College. This project showcases our dedication to innovation, education and the development of future engineers. We look forward to witnessing the remarkable achievements of the young engineers who will benefit from this exceptional program. To get a first-hand look at this transformation, watch the video showcasing the project.

Inspired to Innovate?

If you’re inspired by what you’ve seen, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Tapflo UK. Start your journey towards innovation and success today. Together, we can build a brighter future.

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