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We work closely with many UK breweries providing pump solution for various stages of the brewing process including transferring the final product or hot wort. If you’re looking for a pump solution that suits your product and brewery set up, get in contact with our team!


Application Details Pump Solution Features and Benefits

Application Details

Tapflo UK was pleased to work with a Brewery based in Reading to deliver revolutionary low energy technology to support their uncommon brewing process.

This brewery uses a brewing process that is uncommon in the UK, it uses an American developed process that uses a Vortex Machine as part of their brewing process which filters the hops infused fluid from the product. This is a newer process for UK breweries to undertake so we were excited to be considered to help this customer.

The customer was looking to transfer the infused product into the Vortex Machine and have full control over the pump by PLC (Programmable Learning Computer). In order to transfer fluid into the Vortex Machine, the pump needs to have a low pulsation for smooth flow because if the fluid is pulsed, it won’t be able to create a vortex.

The customer also requested an air operated solution due to their simple operation.

Pump Solution

Sanitary LEAP Pump installed in Brewery

Tapflo UK were able to provide a unique solution for our customer. Developed and manufactured in-house is LEAP technology for Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps that provides a revolutionary low energy solution for end-users. The customer’s product is for consumption so it’s imperative that a hygienic pump is used as it will meet hygienic standards.

Pump Supplied: TC125 STT – Sanitary LEAP Diaphragm Pump

Support Offered: This customer enquired about a pump through the Tapflo UK website, within 30 minutes they were on a call with one of our pump engineers to discuss a solution. Support was also offered over a video call for the full installation process, talking the user through step-by-step.

On-site support is also available if required, speak to a member of the team if additional support is necessary.

Features and Benefits

  • Control – LEAP Pumps provide 24v feedback which can be used with PLC, as per the customer’s requirements
  • Air Operated – The TC Pump offered an air operated solution, requested by the customer with the additional benefit of lower starting pressure which provides energy savings of up to 70%.
  • Low noise – A lower air pressure is required to operate the pump (0.2 Bar starting pressure compared to 1.2 Bar for standard AOD Pumps) which lowers the noise created by the pump
  • Low pulsation – Operation of a LEAP Pump is smoother than standard AOD Pumps due to the centre section being designed to create less friction than is typically associated with Diaphragm Pumps.

You can find an in-depth explanation of the energy savings on offer in our article ‘Reduce Diaphragm Pump Operating Costs‘ or you can watch this video with Tapflo UK Owner, Mick as he explains how LEAP can save you money.

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Latest Articles:

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