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Fluid Viscosity/Density Guide

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    Simple & Useful Conversions 

    Viscosity is commonly understood to be a fluids thickness or resistance to flow. There are many units of measurement when referring to viscosity, below are some simple and useful conversions to understand the thickness of various fluids:

    cSt (Centistokes) or mm²/s x 4.62 = SSU (Seybolt Seconds Universal)

    cPs (Centipoise) or mPa = cSt / S.G (Density)

    º Engler / 0.132 = cSt

    Below is a table of common fluid densities and viscosities across different temperature ranges based on reliable and trusted information collated from numerous sources within the industry and our own internal knowledge and experience. If you have a fluid which isn’t contained within this list please send us your Material Safety Data Sheet or Chemical Safety Data Sheets with your enquiry so we can be sure to offer you a suitable pump for your requirements. If there are no accessible MSDS or COSHH Sheets available then you can also find in our Tech Zone some videos of various fluids at different viscosities to provide a rough comparison.

    Furthermore, we also have the ability to calculate operating viscosities based on actual operational temperatures. If you can provide viscosity information on your fluid at 2 set points (40 & 100ºC for example) and your operating temperature then we can extrapolate the operating viscosity from this information.

    FluidTemp ºCViscosity cStDensity kg / LitreFluidTemp ºCViscosity cStDensity kg / Litre
    Acetaldehyde200.2950.788Machine Oil – Light20470.9
    Acetic Acid201.2321.048Machine Oil – Medium208500.94
    Acetic Acid Anhydride200.881.084Mayonnaise202N/A
    Allyl Alcohol201.6030.852Methyl Acetate200.440.959
    Allyl Alcohol301.360.848Methyl Acetate400.350.916
    Allyl Chloride200.3540.94Methyl Alcohol01.040.81
    Aluminium Chloride (5% Sol)203.541.03Methyl Alcohol100.8550.801
    Aluminium Nitrate (10% Sol)204.541.051Methyl Alcohol200.7450.792
    Aluminium Sulphate (10% Sol)201.341.115Methyl Glycol201.60.975
    Amyl Acetate204.340.885Methylene Chloride200.91.326
    Aniline204.371.021Molasses 80 Bx2010N/A
    Beer201.80.996Molasses 83 Bx2050N/A
    Benzene200.7440.879Molasses 85 Bx20100N/A
    Benzene300.650.868Nitro Benzene201.671.203
    Benzyl Alcohol205.521.045Nonane2010.717
    Butyl Acetate200.8320.885Octane100.9350.711
    Butyl Alcohol203.640.81Octane200.8050.702
    Butyl Alcohol302.850.803Octane400.640.685
    Butyric Acid n02.350.977Oil, SAE 10W-30201300.875
    Butyric Acid n201.610.957Oil, SAE 10W201150.87
    Calcium Chloride (25% Sol)203.91.227Oil, SAE 20W-20202000.885
    Calcium Chloride (5% Sol)201.1611.037Oil, SAE 30203500.89
    Carbolic Acid2011.31.078Oil, SAE 40209000.9
    Carbolic Acid309.71.069Oil, SAE 50209500.902
    Carbolic Acid407.951.059Olive Oil2091.50.91
    Carbon Disulphate00.331.292Palm Oil20130N/A
    Carbon Disulphate100.3161.277Paraffin Oil202.40.804
    Carbon Disulphate200.2981.262Paraffin Oil301.850.78
    Carbon Tetrachloride200.6121.595Pentane00.440.646
    Carbon Tetrachloride300.5251.525Pentane100.390.636
    Castor Oil2010170.96Pentane200.360.626
    Castor Oil403150.95Phenol2011.31.078
    Castor Oil601150.94Phenol407.951.059
    Caustic Soda, 50%2045N/APolyester Resin203N/A
    China Wood Oil203080.933Polymer Solution2020N/A
    Chloroform200.381.489Potassium Hydroxide2067N/A
    Chloroform400.371.452Printing Ink & Colours20550-2200N/A
    Cod Liver Oil4035N/APropanol401.70.786
    Cotton Seed Oil20760.926Propanol501.40.777
    Cream, 30-50% Fat2011-115N/APropionic Acid201.130.99
    Cyclohexanol20710.952Propylene Glycol20541.038
    Cyclohexanone204.90.952Rapeseed Oil201780.92
    Cylinder Oil20500000.94Sea Water01.7741.028
    Dioxan2021.03Sea Water101.3461.028
    Ethyl Acetate200.510.905Sea Water201.0441.025
    Ethyl Alcohol201.510.772Sea Water400.6591.019
    Ethyl Alcohol401.160.737Sea Water600.4421.01
    Ethyl Glycol202.30.93Sea Water800.3110.998
    Ethylene Glycol20181.112Shampoo203N/A
    Ethylene Glycol3016.51.104Sodium Chloride (25% Sol)202.41.19
    Formic Acid201.51.22Sodium Hydroxide (20% Sol)2041.226
    Formic Acid301.381.208Sodium Hydroxide (30% Sol)20101.33
    Fuel Oil, Extra Light2060.85Soya Bean Oil20750.926
    Fuel Oil, Light2016.50.91Styrene200.90.926
    Fuel Oil, Medium205200.99Sulphuric Acid2014.61.839
    Fuel Oil, Heavy2080000.99Tetrachloroethane201.11.593
    Gear Oil2030000.905Toluene200.680.867
    Glycol2020N/ATomato Ketchup301N/A
    Heptane00.740.702Transformer Oil20300.95
    Linseed Oil20470.92Yoghurt40150N/A



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