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    What is the CTM-IBCIBC Pump

    Tapflo UK’s CTM-IBC is a portable decanting IBC Pump unit that has been designed as an all-in-one solution that can be altered to meet specific customer requirements easily.

    The unit features the Tapflo CTM Mag Drive Centrifugal Pump.

    Benefits of the CTM-IBC Solution

    • Sealless design, perfect for pumping chemicals.
    • Carry handles for maximum ease when moving the pump around a factory
    • Fully customisable to meet application and installation requirements
    • Premium efficiency motor to support businesses’ energy savings
    • Easy operation with Start/Stop Control Switch
    • Integrated drip tray prevents leakage of chemicals when transferring pump within a factory
    • Machined solid-block frame for a robust structure and maximum safety
    • Ventilation in the frame to keep the motor cool

    Optional additions

    • Also available as a Trolley Mounted System with either 2 or 4 wheels
    • Drain plug on drip tray
    • Dry-run protection
    • Valves & flowmeter options
    • Control panel
    • Integrated VSD


    As the unit is completely customisable, we can alter the configuration to meet the requirements of any application. Customisation includes anything from flow rates, various media and controllability.

    There are options available on the market that are similar in appearance to Tapflo UK’s CTM-IBC, however, this unit is different because it is completely customisable and supplied as an all-in-one complete system, unlike other manufacturers who offer a set design.

    We’ve already supplied several of these IBC Pump units to happy customers. Below is a quick product focus with Sales Manager, Luke Simpson, running you through some of the features and benefits of a CTM-IBC unit that was modified to meet the customer’s requirements.


    If you have any questions regarding the CTM-IBC or you’d like to discuss additional features, please get in contact with the team using our live chat or by calling Tapflo UK.

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