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Self Priming Flexible Impeller Pumps, also known as Flexible Vane Pumps, are a form of Positive Displacement Pump. They move fluid from the suction port to the discharge port by trapping an amount of fluid between its impeller vanes and then forcing it round towards the outlet. Their design enables them to handle thin and viscous (up to 50’000 cPs) fluids as well as solids in suspension (up to 25 mm). They are capable of discharges pressures up to 4 bar and flow rates up to 1200 l/min & maximum fluid temperatures up to 120ºC.

A wide range of voltages are also available: 12V, 24V, 110V, 230V, 400V

Connections are available from ¾” to 3” in a variety of types to suit customer requirements

Suitable for transferring, filling, emptying, filtration and separation, metering and dosing, when handling a range of process media including hygienic (beer, honey, stemmed grapes, cleaning lotion, shampoo) and chemical fluids (emulsions, detergent, ink, starch, water-based glue).