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Tapflo’s Peristaltic Pumps combine robust materials with smart, simple design solutions in order to maximise pump efficiency and minimise maintenance. All Tapflo Peristaltic Pumps can also be ATEX Rated.

Two key issues facing customers today are a need for lower operational costs and reduced downtime. A Peristaltic Pump is an excellent pumping solution as it does not operate with valves, pistons, stators or rotating elements in the fluid. Furthermore, the Peristaltic Pump series has been designed so that you can quickly and easily change the hose inside the pump without technical knowledge being required.

We only work with high quality compounded rubbers for the hose that has been reinforced with 2 to 6 individual layers of braided polyamide and with an outer layer made to strict tolerances to ensure perfect compression.

The Peristaltic Hose Pumps Tapflo UK offer can be used for both industrial and hygienic applications covering food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemicals, slurries transfers and many more industries.

An additional benefit that is often overlooked when purchasing a Peristaltic Pump is due to the initial cost being higher than other pumps that can be used for similar applications. However, Peristaltic Pumps have low maintenance costs due to the product being pumped only coming into contact with the hose. Typically, the cost of maintenance for a Peristaltic Pump average about 8% of the original price of the pump, unlike other pumps on the market where maintenance costs can equal about 50% of the price of the pump. Take a look at our comprehensive guide to find out more about Peristaltic Pumps.

Got a low batching or metering application? Our Peristaltic Pumps may be the perfect solution for you!

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