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High Grade Sanitary Twin Screw Pumps - Pump Manufacturer

How to Select a Twin Screw Pump What is a Twin Screw Pump? Twin Screw Pumps excel in efficiently transferring a specific volume of fluid based on the screws’ speed and pitch. The unique design of a Twin ...

How to Select a Twin Screw Pump

What is a Twin Screw Pump?

Twin Screw Pumps excel in efficiently transferring a specific volume of fluid based on the screws’ speed and pitch. The unique design of a Twin Screw Pump features two screws that create closed chambers that move axially, generating a vacuum at the suction point and pressure at the discharge point. This double-chamber design provides a smooth, pulsation-free flow suited to both high and low-viscosity fluids.

Advantages of Twin Screw Pumps:

All Tapflo Twin Screw Pumps conform to the highest industry standards, with EHEDG and 3A-compliant executions for enhanced sanitation. Some key benefits of using Twin Screw Pumps are:

  • Support CIP/SIP functions
  • Non-contacting running screws that exhibit remarkable wear resistance
  • Enhanced durability and reduced maintenance requirements
  • Twin Screw Pumps gently deflect fluid in the direction of rotation allowing for gentle product transfer
  • Low pulsation characteristics
  • Wear-resistant mechanical seals
  • Exceptional priming capabilities
  • Low NPSH values to mitigate cavitation risks
  • Handles low and high-viscosity fluids including those entrained with air
  • Supports suction, feeding, filling, supply, flushing, dosing, loading, and offloading applications
  • Well-suited to handling solids
  • Multiple sealing options available including lip seals, single or double mechanical seals
  • Explosion-proof options available for hazardous environments

Common industries & applications:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical

What are your fluid & media transfer characteristics?

To choose the appropriate Twin Screw Pump for your application, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What media will be pumped? Consider the chemical composition of the media you will be pumping – is it chemically neutral or corrosive, shear sensitive etc.
  2. What is the viscosity of the media you intend to pump? Consider viscosity limitations, shear sensitivity etc.
  3. Do you need to pump fluids containing solids?
  4. Is your environment or fluid explosive?
  5. Do you require CIP/SIP?
  6. Do you require self-priming capabilities?

Impeller Materials Available:

  • Stainless Steel: Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Cast Iron: Cost-effective, good corrosion resistance

Some of our materials offer an ATEX option on request for explosive applications and environments.

Maintenance required to keep your Twin Screw Pumps running:

  • Visual inspections of the pump’s components to spot any wear or damage
  • Check the pump’s noise levels; excessive noise may indicate wear problems to gears and bearings, dragging of screws on the pump casing, or cavitation
  • If a flushing system is present, check the pressure and flow
  • If a heating/cooling system is present, ensure temperature capabilities are at optimal levels
  • Oil level in the gearbox

Depending on the size of your pump and the fluid you are pumping, a more detailed maintenance schedule may be required.

Additional Factors to Consider:

Will your pump be stationary, or do you need it to be portable? If you require portability, Twin Screw Pumps can be fitted to trolleys of any size to suit your needs.

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