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EP Self Priming Flexible Impeller Pump

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    What is an EP Self Priming Flexible Impeller Pump?EP Flexible Impeller Pump

    The EP Series, supplied by Tapflo UK, is a Self Priming Flexible Impeller Pump with a close-coupled design and on/off/reversing switch. The EP Flexible Impeller Pump is the most commonly supplied type of Flexible Impeller Pump within our range.

    How does it work?

    Our range of Self Priming Flexible Impeller Pumps works by trapping media between the impeller vanes inside the pump housing. As the mechanics inside the pump rotate, the vanes deform slightly, this creates a pulseless flow that drives fluid from the inlet to the outlet.

    Advantages & Disadvantages of the EP Series


    • Motor options available: single or three-phase
    • 470, 600, 900 & 1400 rpm single & dual speed
    • Steady, pulseless flow
    • Self-priming up to 6m from dry
    • Can operate bi-directionally
    • Can handle solids up to 25mm depending on the model within the EP Series
    • Fits easily to various pipework configurations thanks to the flexibility of the pump head which can be rotated into 5 positions
    • Can be fitted with a carrying handles (U & L Shaped) or trolleys (Zinc Coated Iron & SS 304)

    Flow rates are dependent on the viscosity of the product being pumped.


    • Can’t run dry
    • The impeller is a wearing part and can be damaged easily. As it wears it is likely to shed rubber which can lead to rubber getting into your product.
    • Not suitable for high-pressure applications
    • Viscosity can significantly affect the capacity: 4000 cps can expect a 60% capacity drop.
    • The higher the viscosity of your product, the slower the pump runs so for high viscosity products a larger pump is needed which isn’t always an effective solution and another pump may be recommended.
    • There is a single mechanical seal which isn’t protected, dry run protection can be offered but the seal cannot be protected against solids or stickiness in products.

    The pumps can also be customised with accessories, in various installation formats to meet customer requirements.


    The EP Flexible Impeller Pump range is typically used for tank-to-tank transfer and tank emptying.

    Some impeller options are available with a certificate of conformity for food-grade applications.

    They are also suitable for the Oenological, food, chemical & pharmaceutical industries.


    Pump housing available in Stainless Steel AISI 304 and 316.

    Impeller Material options include NBR (Nitrile) and EPDM which are FDA approved.

    CR (Neoprene Rubber) for chemical and mechanical resistance, NR (Natural Rubber) has the highest mechanical resistance whilst VMQ (Silicon) has a low mechanical resistance, it is the best for high temperatures.

    Our experienced, knowledgeable sales team will be able to match the material options of the EP series to your application requirements, so not to worry if you’re unsure of what you’ll need.

    Tapflo has a large range of Flexible Impeller Pumps on offer with various drives and solution designs.

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