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Sanitary Twin Screw Pump Benefits

Sanitary Twin Screw Pump from Pomac Pumps

Looking for the perfect pump for your application? Let us guide you through the benefits of using one of our most versatile pumps in Pomac Pumps’ range, the Sanitary Twin Screw Pump range.
Twin Screw Pump
The PDSP Sanitary Self-Priming Twin Screw Pump also referred to as a Double Screw Pump, has been designed with all of the benefits of Lobe, Peristaltic, Centrifugal and Piston Pumps and can be used in a number of different industries.

  1. Cleanability – Sanitary Twin Screw Pumps are suitable for CIP and SIP (Clean and Sterilisation In Place), without the need for a separate Centrifugal Pump being attached specifically for CIP. These Twin Screw Pumps are particularly easy to clean due to the pump being designed with very little dead space.
  1. Versatility – Pomac’s Twin Screw can be used for a huge range of industries and applications and in some cases, a Double Screw Pump can be used for a combination of applications. Also known as a Rotary Positive Displacement Pump, this compact pump provides pulsation-free pumping for different fluids, including highly viscous fluids from 0.5-1’000’000 cPs and is capable of delivering from 3.58 to 38 litres/100 revs up to speeds of 3600 rpm (fluid dependent). The PDSP is also particularly versatile in terms of solids passage; requirements are fulfilled through the supply of 2 different sizes of pump that can handle different flow and solids. Not only can the Sanitary Twin Screw handle fragile solids, but it can be supplied with optional large pitch screws which allows the pump to handle an increased capacity and solids passage of up to 60mm in diameter. Similarly, accessories can be added to increase the application features of the pump. The maximum fluid temperature of the Pump is 140°C, but for specific applications that require a constant temperature – hot or cold – a Heating Jacket can be supplied with your Sanitary Double Screw Pump. Various sealing options are also available to fit almost any application, from a simple single mechanical seal to double with quench or flushing options for both.
  1. Robustness – The pump is machined from cast Stainless Steel AISI 316L and supplied with a surface roughness of <0.8 as standard (0.5 upon request), which ensures that the Twin Screw is sanitary in its design and has an increased corrosion resistance to handle a variety of applications, including, but not limited to, dosing, flushing, filling and product displacement. You can view a full list of applications on the product page. The design ensures that there are no painted cast iron parts in the construction of the pump, decreasing the risk of chips and materials rusting, making the pump ideal for sanitary and pharmaceutical environments. The high-grade material and the EHEDG design mean that this Pomac Pump is appropriate for sanitary & pharmaceutical applications.
  1. Dry Run & Self Priming – Pomac’s Twin Screw Pump can dry run for brief periods of time and can also self-prime up to 8m, which reduces the risk of damage caused to the pump.
  1. Reversible – The PDSP Double Screw Pump is also capable of working in both directions of rotation, meaning it can be used for tank evacuation, cleaning and then refilling at the simple flip of a switch and turn of a potentiometer.

Just to put the icing on the cake, even further benefits include low maintenance costs and discharge pressure up to 16 Bar! It must be a good pump with this many benefits!

Why not check out our product page for a full list of benefits and applications of the Sanitary Self-Priming Twin Screw Pump. Tapflo is pleased to be the UK exclusive distributor for Pomac Pumps, supplying the UK with quality, EHEDG rated Sanitary Pumps.

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