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ATEX Diaphragm Pump

Working closely with returning customers to offer high-quality solutions time and time again.

Application Details

Tapflo UK’s biggest customer returned yet again for another quality pump solution recently, they were looking to pump heat transfer fluids that contained solids. Additional requirements:

  • Handle 3mm solids
  • 1m suction lift
  • ATEX rated for Zone 2
  • Transfer 5m3 at 2 Bar
  • Fluid temperature would be 85°C

Pump Solution

Tapflo UK supplied a 1” Aluminium Diaphragm Pump with PTFE diaphragms and valve balls for longevity.

Our Diaphragm Pump was also supplied with Filter Regulator Kits, Air and Liquid Kits for future maintenance. If properly maintained, Tapflo Diaphragm Pumps will have a long life due to the design and manufacturing quality that Tapflo provide. Check out another case study about the longevity of Tapflo Diaphragm Pumps in the video below.

Features & Benefits

Tapflo’s ATEX Diaphragm Pump in Aluminium was chosen for the following reasons:

  • Compatible materials for the application and for increased longevity
  • The customer likes the design of Tapflo’s no-nut clean face diaphragms which ensure a reduced risk of leakages
  • The customer like the design of the pump itself, including the versatility that the inlet/outlet swivel gives them
  • The pump could handle higher temperatures than the 85°C and has the capacity to handle solids up to 6mm if required by the customer
  • Pump supports an optimum air pressure of 4 Bar to achieve the customer’s desired flow rate and head pressure

Tapflo Group is known globally for their innovative Diaphragm Pump design which contains up to 70% fewer parts than our competitors for simple and quick maintenance, no matter your experience with pumps. Our pumps come with a 5-year guarantee and are available in a range of formats including for hygienic applications, for ATEX zones or for companies looking to save money on their pump operation we offer our revolutionary low energy technology.

Diaphragm Pumps are one of the most versatile pumps on the market, so speak to an industry leader to ensure you’re getting the best solution for your application and your budget. Our friendly team can help you find a plug and play solution or work with our in-house engineering team to design a bespoke Diaphragm Pump solution.

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