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    Tapflo’s Guardian System was designed in the UK by Tapflo UK’s Technical Director and is now sold globally through the Tapflo network. Find out how this pneumatic system could support your pump and process line.

    What is the Guardian System?Guardian System for Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

    Tapflo’s Guardian System is a revolutionary Diaphragm Pump accessory that allows the end-user to run their pump in an efficient manner, whilst protecting the pump from dry running, deadheading and breaching of the diaphragms.

    How does a Guardian System Work?

    The Guardian System works by monitoring fluid pressure, if the pressure rises or falls above a set point, the Guardian will change the pump’s output. For example, if the Guardian is set to detect rising pressure it means that the pump will have deadhead protection. As the pump is deadheaded, caused by a closed valve or blockage on the discharge line, the Guardian will detect the rising pressure and shut the pump off!

    Why do I need a Guardian System?

    There are a few reasons you might need a Guardian System, the obvious ones being to protect your pump from dry running, deadheading and diaphragm breaching! Below is an ideal scenario of a Guardian System protecting your pump environment.

    Say, for example, you are pumping a very harsh product that could cause serious harm to an end-user. In cases like this, you need the process line to be as safe as possible. When a standard Diaphragm Pump has a breach in the diaphragms, the media will escape the wet side of the pump and travel into the airside (centre section) of the pump and will have nowhere to go except out of the air exhaust. This means that the media will be out in the open and could come into contact with the end-user – a big no!

    The Barrier Protection Pump in conjunction with the Guardian System will mean the pump is shut off immediately if a diaphragm breaches, insuring no media escapes through the air exhaust.

    Our Barrier Pumps are available in both our HDPE/PTFE and Metal Series’.

    Common applications and uses for the Guardian System

    • If you’re pumping an expensive product and don’t want to waste any should a diaphragm rupture
    • If you’re pumping a harsh or dangerous product and don’t want to harm anyone should the diaphragm rupture
    • When you want to protect the pump should there be a blockage in the discharge line
    • If you want to save on energy and not create unnecessary wear on the moving spares if the pump was to dry run

    What pumps in our range can a Guardian be installed with?

    Tapflo UK’s full range of Diaphragm Pumps will work with the Guardian System! The Guardian system is also ATEX certified so it can be used with our ATEX Diaphragm Pumps too.

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