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Where Will Our Flexible Impeller Pump Take You Next?

What Can a Flexible Impeller Pump be Used for?

Self-Priming Flexible Impeller Pumps are extremely versatile pumps that can be used in a number of industries as they can pump shear-sensitive fluids, viscous fluids and those with solids in them.

How can a Flexible Impeller Pump have so many applications?Flexible Impeller Pump

I know you’re wondering how a Flexible Impeller Pump can be so versatile, it’s down to the operating principle!

How does a Flexible Impeller Pump Work?

Well…! Fluid is moved by trapping it between each of the impeller vanes and then forcing it forward, this means they are perfect at handling a range of fluids without damaging them.

Let me paint you a picture of just how good an Impeller Pump could be…

It’s Friday evening, you’ve had a hard week of being ‘Business Person of the Year’ material. There’s nothing you want more than a bubble bath, so what do you need?

  • Liquid bubble bath
  • A glass of wine
  • 4 candles
  • A freshly cleaned, fluffy towel

How many things in this list have products in them that can be pumped through a Flexible Impeller? The answer is 4/4! Your bubble bath was pumped through a Flexible Impeller by the Cosmetics industry. Your wine? Pumped by the Oenological industry. Your candle? The wax was pumped by the Chemical industry, as was the detergent used to wash your fluffy towel.

If you’re thinking, “I would never drink wine,” the ice-cold beer or steaming hot mug of hot chocolate that you’re imagining instead can also be pumped through a Flexible Impeller Pump. Still skeptical as to how flexible the Flexible Impeller Pump really is? See the table below to create your own scenario.




Wine, musts and stemmed grapes


Fruit pulp, juice, honey, syrups, milk, yoghurt, oil, brine and beer


Ink, paint, detergents, water-based glue, starch, rubber latex and wax

Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical

Liquid soap, cream, shampoo and cleaning lotion


Maybe you’re in Paris having a lovely continental breakfast with orange juice and honey in your yogurt, or you could be wearing latex gloves, painting the portrait of a man, eating grapes, whilst you drink a glass of wine.

Tapflo can make your Flexible Impeller dreams come true. If you’d like to know more about our Flexible Impeller Pump range, you can visit our Flexible Impeller FAQ or then get in touch with us today. Wherever our pumps take you, let us know!

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