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All-In-One Flexible Impeller Pump

All In One Flexible Impeller Pump
All In One Flexible Impeller Pump

All-In-One Flexible Impeller Pump

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The All-in-One Flexible Impeller Pump is based on the best features and functionality of the INV Series while delivering a more complete system right out of the box. This system features a 7″ colour touch screen that allows the operator to review current transfer data, schedule volumes to be transferred and analyse previous operations, also known as traceability. This panel features a simple yet intuitive menu that allows the operator to perform Free Transfer, Filling, Barrel Filling, Pump-Over, Traceability and Diagnostics operations.

  • PVC Control Panel with IP55 7″ colour touch control panel
  • Built onto a Stainless-Steel trolley with 2 fixed and 2 pivoting wheels
  • Remote control for speed variation, inversion rotation and start/stop
  • High-precision magnetic food-grade flow meter

Max. Flow:

Max. Head:

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FDA icon ISO icon CE icon EN10204 icon

All-In-One Flexible Impeller Pump is an intelligent pump that allows the user to organize, monitor, and schedule all fluid transfer operations in the cellar.

Through 72 multi-function touch control panels, it is possible to view the transfer data in progress, program the volumes to be transferred as well as record the various actual operations (traceability).

From a simple intuitive menu, the operator can perform the following operations:

Free Transfer: transferring by displaying the flow rate in l/min, l/h, hl/h, Us Gal/min, or Us Gal/h.

Filling: A quantity of wine is preselected, starting at the desired speed, once the target is reached after programmed declaration and manageable by the operator, the pump will stop at the entered target value.

Barrel Filling: repeated filling in series of programmed volumes starting from touch or from the remote control.

Pump-Over: automatic work/pause cycles can be programmed, pipe emptying function included.

Traceability: it is possible to save and record data relating to all the operations, by entering the operator’s name and the operation performed in addition to the type of wine or the reference batch.

Diagnostics: a diagnostics section allows you to immediately see on the screen any inverter errors, stops due to dry stop intervention, or stop by auxiliary contact intervention

  • USB external connection for data download, software update, and tethering function with smartphones
  • Radio control to start/stop, speed variation and rotate inversion
  • PVC control panel with IP55 7-inch colour touch control panel
  • High precision magnetic food grade flow meter with full flow with indication of flow rate and temperatures suitable for conductive fluids (≤20 μS/cm)
  • Dry stop temperature sensor on the pump body
  • Stainless steel pump body, flexible impeller slow running speed
  • Gearmotor, inverter speed variator
  • Stainless steel trolley, 2 fixed wheels, and 2 pivoting wheels
  • Additional 24V NC connection for the auxiliary device (press, botting, unit, filter, etc.)

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Largest UK Stock

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