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Top 5 Features of a Centrifugal Pump

At Tapflo UK we supply a wide range of Centrifugal Pumps for a number of industries, including Water Treatment, Surface Conditioning, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and many others. A Centrifugal Pump is an industrial or hygienic process pump that moves liquid by driving an impeller to create a centrifugal force that draws fluid into the pump. Our full range of Centrifugal Pumps includes:

Centrifugal Pump Features

  1. Versatile – Centrifugal Pumps come in many different shapes and sizes. This means they can handle a variety of installations and requirements, whether you need your pump to be driven electrically or magnetically, to self-prime, to be able to handle sanitary fluids or to be big enough for large industrial applications. Whatever you require, we’ve got the answer in our range. Each product page incorporates a list of applications that the pump can handle.
  2. Fewer parts – Tapflo Centrifugal Pumps have been designed with fewer parts to troubleshoot and maintain pumps quickly and efficiently; in some cases, our Centrifugal Pumps are maintenance-free! This means less downtime for your pump and your business back up and running in no time.
Industrial Centrifugal Pump Features

Industrial Centrifugal Pump Features (CTI Pump)

  1.  Efficient – Centrifugal Pumps have a higher efficiency point compared to pneumatically driven pumps such as a Diaphragm Pump. They also have a higher flow rate than most Positive Displacement Pumps for an efficient pumping solution. If your pump isn’t running efficiently any more, get in contact with Tapflo today to see what we could do for you.
  2. ATEX Rated – Our Centrifugal Pumps can be supplied with ATEX certification for those pump installations in hazardous areas. Additionally, for those pumps being used for hygienic applications, we provide FDA approved pumps with FDA approved seals.
  3. Easily Modified – It is very easy for us to modify our Tapflo Centrifugal Pumps to your exact requirements due to the modular design of our pumps. This means additional accessories such as heating jackets, self-priming chambers and hygienic shrouds can be added to your pump to achieve the perfect pumping solution for you. The modular design of these pumps means that you don’t necessarily need to replace the whole pump if you find yourself struggling to pump your product, for example, self-priming chambers can be retrofitted to a CT Centrifugal Pump.

If you’ve got any questions about Centrifugal Pumps, head over to our Centrifugal Pump FAQ page.

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