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Who Are Pomac Pumps?

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For those of you who have bought pumps from us or had a snoop around our website, you may have noticed that we distribute Pomac Pumps as well as our own Tapflo pumps. Who is Pomac Pumps? Why do we distribute their pumps? Well, as Pomac Pumps are featuring as our product focus for the week, we thought we’d tell you all about them!

Pomac Pumps

Based in Tolbert, The Netherlands, Pomac Pumps BV was established in 1977, specialising in the construction of Sanitary Steel Pumps for use in Hygienic Processes in the Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries. Tapflo UK has represented and exclusively distributed products for Pomac Pumps BV for the past 10 years, working closely together and building a solid working relationship.

The full range of products from Pomac Pumps are EHEDG approved to meet the strict standards of hygienic industries.

Company Philosophy

Pomac base their success and company philosophy on a few key factors:

  • Solving existing pump problems Being accepted as a manufacturer because of favourable price and quality relationships
  • Introducing high-efficiency centrifugal pumps for CIP installations
  • Developing new products for displacing viscous liquids, based on a strong synergy with the existing product range
  • Consistent improvement to pump designs and the options available
  • Fast delivery times due to a sophisticated construction concept and assembly processes

Pomac Hygienic Centrifugal PumpPomac Twin Screw PumpPomac Lobe Pump

All of the pumps are precision cast from Stainless Steel AISI 316L and are available with numerous sealing configurations to suit almost every application. Pomac offers high-quality products at a competitive price and allows us to distribute their products exclusively within the UK. This, coupled with good service and technical support, means Pomac compliment Tapflo UK’s range perfectly. Make sure you view Pomac’s product range.

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