Twin Screw: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Twin Screw Pump?


A Twin Screw Pump is an EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) approved rotary positive displacement pump that has 2 screws. Ideal for all sanitary applications, the pump applies a combination of the advantages of a Lobe, Peristaltic, Centrifugal and Piston Pumps. The combination of these pumps has resulted in a robust pump that is incredibly versatile for a variety of applications.

Twin Screw Pump

Screw Pump

How does a Screw Pump work?

A Screw Pump can be supplied in various designs with a different number of screws. At Tapflo we focus on the Twin Screw Pump which utilises 2 large screws that counter rotate. The screws do not touch, rotating within the pump casing to create a positive displacement force. The volume between the screws increases as they rotate and pass the suction port. This creates a vacuum that draws liquid into the suction port and the pump housing. As they continue to rotate past the discharge port, the volume between the screws decreases, causing pressure to build up which then forces the liquid out of the discharge port.

What are the benefits of using a Twin Screw Pump?

The Twin Screw Pump is very versatile, it can be supplied with a flush mechanical seal, a double mechanical seal, trolley mounted and with a higher grade of finish (up to 0.5 Ra).

Other benefits include:

  • - Self-priming capabilities up to 8m
  • - Ability to dry run
  • - The screw design allows for solids up to a maximum of 40ml to be pumped
  • - Steady flow
  • - High head
  • - High flow
  • - High temperature, up to 140 degrees

What applications are Screw Pumps are ideal for?

Twin Screw Pumps are perfect for viscous and shear sensitive products and are ideal for the following applications:

  • - Suction
  • - Feeding
  • - Filling
  • - Displacement
  • - Supply
  • - Flush
  • - Dosing
  • - Loading, unloading
  • - CIP & SIP

…and many more!

Are Twin Screw Pumps sanitary?

Yes – the pump is fully EHEDG compliant, is machined from cast Stainless Steel AISI 316L and supports CIP (Clean In Place).

Visit the Twin Screw Pump product page for additional technical details

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