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Industrial Rubber Rotary Lobe Pump

Industrial Rubber Rotary Lobe Pump
Industrial Rubber Rotary Lobe Pump

Industrial Rubber Rotary Lobe Pump

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The MG Rotary Lobe Pump is an industrial rubber Lobe Pump designed to transfer viscous, fibrous, abrasive and solid-laden products. Featuring reversible rotary design and rubber lobes, this self-priming pump offers exceptional performance and versatility across the Industrial, Water Treatment, Petrochemical, Anaerobic Digestion and Marine industries. Considered a viable alternative to Peristaltic and Progressive Cavity Pumps, the in-line design of the Rotary Lobe Pump allows easy integration into pipework systems.

  • Solids handling capacity up to 30mm
  • Reversible operation
  • 9 sizes available
  • Swan neck on suction/discharge can be provided to aid in self-priming applications
  • ATEX-rating available for use in hazardous environments

Max. Flow:

Max. Head:

Max. Temp:






ATEX icon ISO icon CE icon EN10204 icon

A Rubber Rotary Lobe Pump is considered a viable alternative to Peristaltic and Progressing Cavity Pumps due to their in-line design, which enables easy and simple integration into pipework systems.

The MG Rotary Lobe Pumps have a reversible design, which means they are ideal for tank emptying and refilling applications, removing the requirement for line stripping or a secondary pump for many users. The pumps also feature a relatively small pump head. The versatility of drive configurations allows the Industrial Lobe Pump to be easily integrated into mobile systems such as tankers and tractors. You can find more information about the drive configurations in the relevant tab.

How does a Rotary Lobe Pump work?

2 synchronised lobes revolve within the pump housing. The lobes do not come into contact with one another, this is prevented by timing gears located within the gearbox. As the lobes rotate, they create an expanding cavity at the pump suction which draws the fluid into the pump. The fluid is trapped by the lobes in pockets as they rotate which is then conveyed around the outside of the lobes, passing any solids with it along the way, and discharging out of the pump casing.

The pump shaft support is facilitated by bearings located outside of the fluid in the gearbox, limiting the discharge pressure to 5 bar.

Capacity is directly related to the speed at which the pump is operated and the flow is reversible by simply changing the direction of rotation of the drive.

  • Near pulseless, reversible flow
  • Gentle product handling & low shear effect on fluid
  • Self-Priming to 5m
  • Replaceable Wear Plates at front and back of the pump housing in Wear Resistant Steel (400 HB)
  • Hardened bushes as standard increase wear resistance & reliability in arduous and abrasive applications
  • Bean-shaped lobes facilitate easier and smoother passage of solids
  • Short Dry Running Capability thanks to Grease Lubricated Seals
  • Seal Leakage Checking System enables quick and easy inspection
  • Swan Neck Suction & Discharge Manifolds aide in Priming & and can be fitted with Pressure Gauges for a quick inspection of pump & system conditions. Drain & Vent Ports are also fitted as standard.
  • Quick & Easy Lobe Maintenance & Inspection thanks to Front Pull-Out Design – Pump can be left in the pipework, Seals & Transmission system are left untouched.
  • ATEX Rated Models are MG07, 14, 20, 27 & 40

These Industrial Rotary Lobe Pump has been designed for the transfer of viscous, fibrous, abrasive and solids-laden products within the following industries:

  • Industrial: Lime milk, molasses, resins, paper & pulp, ceramics, machining of glass and marble
  • Water Treatment: Sewage, dewatered sludge, sludge clarifier, activated sludge, digested sludge, lime milk, raw sludge, polymers & slurries
  • Petro-Chemical: Crude oil, solvents, heavy oils, waste oils
  • Anaerobic Digestion: Digestate, Feedstock Supply, Waste Waters & Slurries
  • Marine: Waste Waters & Dirty Oil Transfers

Rotary Lobe Pump Options according to Application

NBR EPDM Viton SBR Polyurethane
Generally Resistant

to most

Hydrocarbons, Fats, Oils Vegetable & Animal Fats, Oils, Ozone, Aromatics, Aliphatic, Hydraulic Fluids, Chemicals Elongated Hydrocarbons, Acids Acids, Water & Chemicals

Good abrasion Resistance

Mineral Oils, Aromatic & Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
Generally Attacked by Ozone, Ketones, Esters, Aldehydes, Nitro & Chlorinated Hydrocarbons Mineral Oils, Solvents, Aromatic Hydrocarbons Ketones, Low Molecular Weight Esters, Nitro Containing Compounds Ozone, Oils, Fats, Strong Acids & Hydrocarbons Acids, Phenols, Toluene, Aldehydes & Ketones, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
Resistance to Oils Very good Poor Excellent No Very good
Fuels Good Poor Excellent No Very good
Ketones Fair Excellent Poor Fair Poor
Hydrocarbons Good Poor Excellent No Poor

Tapflo UK also offers a Sanitary Lobe Pump from Pomac Pumps for hygienic applications.


These Industrial Rotary Lobe Pumps are classified as Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps, this means the capacity remains independent from system pressure which means that they can deliver the same flow rate across their rated pressure. This ensures that the pumps are suited to mobile applications where discharge conditions are constantly changing or for fixed-in-place applications where process fluid viscosities and densities vary.

Pump bodies are constructed from GG 30 continuously cast spheroidal graphite Iron with wear plates in wear-resistant steel & triple seal design as standard.

Lobes can be supplied in several different elastomer coatings including NBR, SBR, XNBR, EPDM and FPM. Lobe replacement is facilitated by a front pull-out design.

Different drive options are available to suit a wide variety of site-specific requirements such as ATEX-rated motor, hydraulic drives for truck mounting and diesel/petrol drives for portable systems.

Particular care has been taken in the design of these units to improve pump life and limit maintenance intervals in arduous and challenging applications. Each pump model has been through stringent and severe laboratory testing and field tests before being launched. Each pump is then individually tested before delivery.

Housing: GG30 Cast Iron

Lobes: Cast Iron Coated in NBR, SBR, XNBR, EPDM and FPM

Shoulders / Wear Plates: Wear Resistant Steel (400 HB)

Shaft Seals: Double Radial Seals, Grease Lubricated & sliding on Hardened Bushes. Standard Mech Seals or Reinforced Seals (prepared to withstand higher operating pressures; equipped with a flushing system) on request

Manifolds: Galvanised Steel

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Largest UK Stock

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