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A Heating Jacket is offered when purchasing a pump at Tapflo UK when the customer has a requirement to maintain a specific temperature of the product being pumped. This applies to both hot and cold temperatures and is achieved through a medium circulating around the pump, typically steam or water, although Electric Heating Jackets are also available upon request.

Looking for more information about Heating Jackets?

Tapflo UK’s heating jackets are the ideal solution to maintain temperatures of your application being pumped. To find out more about our Pump accessories, get in contact today.

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Tapflo Group is an independent, family-owned, European manufacturer and global supplier of Industrial Pumps that has been operating for 40 years.

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Tapflo UK has been operating since 1998, now working nationally with end-users and pump distributors. We offer a wide pump portfolio to the UK for almost any application and installation, including bespoke pumping systems designed by our in-house Engineering Team.

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