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Pneumatic Start Stop Units

Pneumatic Start-Stop Unit
Pneumatic Start-Stop Unit

Pneumatic Start Stop Units

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The Air Operated Diaphragm Start Stop Units are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing Diaphragm Pump systems and can also be used in conjunction with some of our other pneumatic systems such as the Batch Controller (TPUK-BP), Timed Batcher (TPUK-BT) and Manually Started Level Control System (TPUK-LM). These units provide increased functionality and flexibility to the pump installation and allow for control of the pump or system from a remote local up to 20m away from the controller or pump.

Available models:

  • TPUK-SSE-24VDC: enables Start/Stop functionality through a 24V DC electrical supply
  • TPUK-SSE-110VAC: provides Start/Stop capabilities via a 110V AC electrical supply
  • TPUK-SSE-240VAC: facilitates Start/Stop actions using a 240V AC electrical supply
  • TPUK-SSP: initiates Start/Stop functions pneumatically for pumps
  • TPUK-SSR: designed for pneumatic remote Start/Stop operations
ATEX icon ISO icon CE icon EN10204 icon Tapflo 5 year guarantee icon

How do Pneumatic Start Stop Units work?

The SSE control unit allows an AODD Pump to be started and stopped via a low power electrical signal from an external control source such as a PLC. The system incorporates a low power 3/2 NC solenoid valve to convert an electrical input signal into a pneumatic output signal that pilots a blocking/needle valve mounted directly onto the pump.

It can also be used to start any of the manually started TPUK systems. An electrical input pulse from a control system applied to the SSE system is converted into a pneumatic output pulse starting the associate TPUK system.

Pneumatic Start Stop Units models:

TPUK-SSE-24VDC – Start / Stop via a 24V DC Electrical Supply

TPUK-SSE-110VAC – Start / Stop via a 110V AC Electrical Supply

TPUK-SSE-240VAC – Start / Stop via a 240V AC Electrical Supply

TPUK-SSP – Start / Stop Pump, Pneumatic

TPUK-SSR – Start / Stop Pump, Pneumatic Remote (only to be used as an accessory for TPUK-BT, BTI, BPI, LM & SSP)

Technical Details

Ambient Temperature Range (ºC) -5to 40
Air Pressure Range, Bar (G) 0-100 meters
Pilot Output Flow Rate @ 6 Bar with P = 1 30NI/min (Effective Orifice – 1.1mm)
Ingress Protection IP65/DIN EN 60529
Weight (g) 530
Air Supply Port 6mm Push Fit
Pump Pilot Output 4mm Push Fit
Dimensions (mm) 122 x 160 x 110

TPUK-SSE & SSP Start / Stop Controllers need either a Blocking Needle Valve (Preferred) or Blocking Valve,  sized to suit the pump. The SSP can have a TPUK-SSR Remote Start / Stop Controller as an optional extra

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