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Flexible Impeller Pump Accessories

Flexible Impeller Pump with Shroud
Flexible Impeller Pump with Shroud

Flexible Impeller Pump Accessories

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These Flexible Impeller Pump Accessories, designed to enhance your pump functionality, comprises a range of accessories catered to various operational needs. From safety features like Dry-Run Protection to operational aids such as By-Pass Valves, our accessories are designed to enhance efficiency and ease of use while delivering versatility and optimised performance.

Our comprehensive range of accessories for your Flexible Impeller Pump includes:

  • Dry-Run Protection
  • By-Pass Valves
  • Hygienic Shrouds
  • Radio Controlled
  • Trolley Mounted
  • Automatic Barrel Filling Kit
  • IRR Centrifugal Sprinkler Kit
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What Flexible Impeller Pump Accessories do Tapflo supply?

Dry Run Protection

Dry Run Protection can be fitted to pump heads from MINOR sizes upwards. It is a temperature sensor which automatically stops the pump once it registers a temperature higher than 50ºC within the pump head. For fluids being pumped higher than this temperature then sensors set at 70 & 90ºC are available on request and need to be specified at order stage. Once the temperature in the pump head drops below the pre-set value the pump automatically starts back up.

By-Pass Valve

Manual and Spring Loaded By-Passes are available on all pumps can are ideal when the pump is being used with a discharge nozzle or there is the potential for Dead Head Operation.

Manual By-Passes: MINI, MAJOR, MAX Pump Types Spring Loaded By-Passes: MIDEX & MINOR Pup Types.

Flexible Impeller Pump By-Passes

Hygienic Shrouds

  1. Hygienic Shrouds for use in food environments & Wash Down Areas
  2. Mounted to SS 316 Baseplates or Trolleys
  3. Trolleys are fitted with white Food Grade Wheels
  4. Trolley mounted units come with the standard CE Compliant Control Panel

Flexible Impeller Pump Hygienic Shroud

IRR Centrifugal Sprinkler Kit

The IRR Centrifugal Sprinkler Kit rotates using the pressure of the feed pump and is available in 2 set sizes:

IRR 50: Suitable for an Impeller Pump with a capacity from 100 – 225 hl/hr

IRR 65: Suitable for pumps with a capacity from 225 – 500 hl/hr It provides a universal drizzling effect from the cap granting excellent colour leaching, Standard fastenings are for 400 mm manways. however, larger dimensions are available on request.

Visit the product page for information on the Flexible Impeller Automatic Barrel Filling Kit.

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Largest UK Stock

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Looking for more information about the services offered by Tapflo UK?

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