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Sludge & Slurry Pump

SFA Series Sludge & Slurry Pump
SFA Series Sludge & Slurry Pump

Sludge & Slurry Pump

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Tapflo’s Sludge & Slurry Pump is a compact and handheld pump designed specifically for muddy water applications. Manufactured with an impeller and agitator constructed from strong chrome alloy, this durable pump is resistant to abrasive materials such as sand. This pump is suited to various applications such as mining, quarrying, construction, tunnelling, industrial processing and hire fleets.

  • Max water depth of 10m
  • Cable length of 8m
  • Optional BSP thread adaptor for flexible connection options
  • Level control switch for energy savings
  • Chrome Alloy impeller and agitator to minimise sludge clogging

Max. Flow:

Max. Head:

Max. Temp:






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Our Sludge & Slurry Pump is a highly effective and versatile pump solution used for handling slurry, sludge, bentonite and sand-laden water. This compact pump, designed to provide reliable performance in challenging environments, comes with a level control switch, allowing for energy-saving operation, thus freeing the operator from constant monitoring. Additionally, it offers the flexibility of an optional BSP thread adaptor, providing an alternative connection method instead of a hose connection. This feature enhances usability and adaptability, making it easier to integrate the pump into existing systems or workflows.

  • Robust construction: This pump is built with a strong chrome alloy impeller and agitator, ensuring durability and resistance to sand/abrasive materials commonly found in sludge and slurry applications
  • Semi-vortex impeller and agitator: the semi-vortex design of the impeller combined with an agitator effectively reduce clogging issues
  • Versatile application: this pump is suitable for handling sludge, slurry, bentonite and sand-laden water, making it a versatile choice for industries such as mining, quarrying, construction, tunnelling industrial processing and rental fleets
  • Level control float switch: this enables energy-saving operation and eliminates the need for constant monitoring
  • Optional BSP thread adaptor: this pump offers an optional BSP thread adaptor, providing flexibility in connection options and facilitating integration into existing systems or workflows without the need for hose connections

Capacity: 13.2m³/hr

Head: 13m

Power: 0.55 kW, single-phase 220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz

Insulation class: F

Protection class: IP 68

Outlet: 50mm

Water temperature: Up to 40°C

Max water depth: 10m

Cable length: 8m

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