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Sealless Eccentric Disc Pump

Sealless Eccentric Disc Pump
Sealless Eccentric Disc Pump

Sealless Eccentric Disc Pump

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The JEB Sealless Eccentric Disc Pump from French manufacturer, Jump, has been specifically designed to transfer shear-sensitive fluids, including liquids and viscous products, without compromising the integrity and quality of the pumped product. This sealless pump, manufactured from Stainless-Steel 316L, is CIP and SIP suited and excels in applications where maintaining high levels of hygiene is essential.

  • Self-priming
  • Dry-run capabilities
  • FDA-approved
  • ATEX-rated
  • Ideal for CIP/SIP

Max. Flow:

Max. Head:

Max. Temp:






ATEX icon FDA icon ISO icon CE icon EN10204 icon

There are a variety of benefits to using the Sealless Eccentric Disc Pump for your application, including:

  • Ideal for shear sensitive and low viscosity fluids
  • FDA approved
  • ATEX rated
  • Ports can be rotated into different positions to facilitate easier customisation for applications & installations.
  • 316L Stainless steel construction
  • Adaptable flanges
  • Maximum differential pressure: 10 bar
  • Self-priming
  • Dry run capabilities
  • Strong suction and compression power enabling emptying of piping
  • An innovative system without sealing gasket free of retention areas
  • Compatible with Cleaning In Place and Sterilization In Place (CIP/SIP)
  • Sealless
  • Dry run capabilities
  • No retention zones
  • Strong compression & vacuum capabilities – excellent for line stripping

The JEB series can also be fitted with optional extras, including Heating jackets, fitted to trolleys and drain valves to suit your applicational needs.

Thanks to their innovative and versatile designs, Jump Pumps are ideally suited to the following industries and markets:


  • Transfer, Mixing & Dosing of Beverages, Dairy Products, Baked Goods
  • (doughs, creams, chocolates etc.…), Sauces, Pet Food, Meat,
  • Fish & Poultry Processing.


  • Low shearing & pulsation of process fluids – preserves the integrity and
  • the texture of the ingredients
  • Sealless offerings for high hygienic compliance and CIP friendly
  • Ability to transfer and mix process fluids with a high solids content
  • The simple and innovative design facilitates reduced maintenance times and
  • increased reliability


Blending, Filling, Fining, Transfer, Breeding and Bottling of Wines, Lees,

Juices, Musts and Cleaning Agents.


Multi-functional Eccentric Disc Design, which can be used for all

transfer applications in the wine industry

  •  Taste and aroma remain unchanged
  •  Constant Flow with Low Pulsation and Low Shear Rate
  •  Easy control of Oxygen Dissolution
  •  Strong Suction and Compression Capabilities facilitate Pipe Stripping
  •  Mobile unit with on-board controls with a remote touch interface
  • chemical transfer, mixing and dosing of Solvents, Polymers, Acids, Paints and Plastics.

Resins and Dyes:


  •  ATEX Rated

Innovative Seal Front Pull Out Disassembly System facilitates quick maintenance without the need for disassembling the Drive Assembly or Pipework

  • Wide Material Options
  • No Retention Zones in the Pump – Easy Cleaning
  • Constant Flow, Low Pulsation, suitable for Shear Sensitive Fluids

Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical:

  • Transfer, mixing and dosing of Creams, Lotions, Soaps, Shampoos, Gels,
  • Mascaras, Perfumes, Syrups, Vitamins, Ointments, Glycerine and Pastes.


  • Sealless Design Free of Retention Zones – leak-free and hygienic
  •  Suitable for CIP and SIP
  •  High vacuum and compression capabilities enable complete stripping of pipework

Capacity Range: Up to 42 m³/hr

Pressure Range: Up to 100 meters

Temperature Range: -5ºC to +150ºC

Speed Range: Up to 1000 rpm

Connections: Flanged, Clamp, SMS, Macon, RJT, CAM Lock, DIN, Threaded, Hose Tailed

By-Pass: Integrated Double By-Pass Optional

Heating Jacket: Optional

Construction: Stainless Steel AISI 316L

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