ATEX Metal Diaphragm Pump

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The ATEX directive (also known as ATEX 100a) is applicable on products used in hazardous areas such as those subject to explosions like our ATEX Diaphragm Pumps. This directive also covers non-electrical products, like our Diaphragm Pumps. Since July 2003, it is now mandatory, within the EU, to have an ATEX certificate on products which are intended for use in EX-zones. There are three main categories (zones) in the ATEX directive:

  • CAT 1 (zone 0), flammable material present continuously or for long periods

  • CAT 2 (zone 1), flammable material present occasionally in normal operation

  • CAT 3 (zone 2), flammable material present in abnormal conditions for short periods

Tapflo ATEX Metal Diaphragm Pump constructed from conductive (carbon filled) plastics HDPE or PTFE, can be supplied for use within Equipment group IIG (gas), Cat 2 (Zone 1). The conductive material ensures that no electrostatic loads will accumulate within the pump. The conductive pigments in the material reduce the surface resistance to less than 105 W. The pigments, causing the black colour, do not affect the chemical resistance of the thermoplastics that the pump is made from. The ATEX Metal Diaphragm Pump has diaphragms in PTFE (with conductive back) or EPDM (conductive). An earth connection is mounted on the pump, for earthing of electrostatic loads. The TX variant can be supplied across all sizes of Tapflo pumps.

Additional Information

Drive Type


Flow Rate

up to 820 l/min


up to 16 Bar


Aluminium, Cast Iron, PE & PTFE, Stainless Steel AISI 316L



Solids Handling

up to 100mm


0-200+ cSt

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