Twin Metal Diaphragm Pump

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Twin Metal Diaphragm Pump Applications:

Our Twin Metal Diaphragm Pump may be fitted with multiple porting configurations to achieve up to 2 pumps in 1 for blending, mixing or recirculation applications and therefore simplifying pipework configurations and the system in general! In the example shown, the Twin Diaphragm Pumps are fitted with twin inlet and outlet ports. Effectively enabling 2 pumps in one. 

  • Transfer of 2 different liquids (2 Inlets & Outlets)
  • Mixing of 2 liquids with one pump, 50 / 50 ratio (2 Inlets, 1 Outlet)
  • Transfer and return of printing ink from storage to ink tray
  • Transfer and agitation of liquids within 1 pump

Available in all pump sizes up to T400 (Included). Turn your existing pump into a Twin Diaphragm Pump with only 2 maximum additional parts! 1 or 2 x Twin Inlet / Outlet (130)

Additional Information

Drive Type


Flow Rate

up to 570 l/min


up to 16 Bar


Aluminium, Cast Iron, PE & PTFE, Stainless Steel AISI 316L



Solids Handling

up to 15mm


0-200+ cSt

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