Diaphragm Pump Life Counter

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What Makes our Diaphragm Pump Life Counter Different?

The TPUK-LC Life Counter is a plug and play solution for your Diaphragm Pump which is essentially a maintenance tool to monitor and record the amount of work a pump completes, enabling preventative maintenance regimes. By monitoring the exhaust of a Diaphragm Pump, the pump strokes are recorded on a lithium powered counter. The count can be reset to zero using the supplied reset key. Tapflo's TPUK-LC Life Counter simply connects to the Diaphragm Pump air exhaust, and displays the stroke count on it's internal LCD display. Compact, easy to use and cost effective, this simple system will allow you to control servicing and implement a preventative maintenance routine. TPUK-LC must be combined with muffler type TPUK-MU.

Data & Limits

Ambient Temperature, ºC -10 to 50
Max Air Pressure, Bar (G) 1
Weight 185 g
Dimensions 80 x 80 x 55 mm
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