Side Channel Sealless Mag Drive Centrifugal Pump


M Pumps' SC Mag-M Series is the widest Side Channel Centrifugal Pump range on the market. It is ideally suited for pumping & offloading of liquefied gases and fluids under high vapour pressure such as condensates, refrigerants, boiler water feed or LPG (up to 50% entrained gases). Multi-stage barrel type construction. The pumps are designed specifically for clean chemical process, low boiling and highly volatile, explosive and dangerous liquids.

The SC Mag-M can be supplied in a close coupled version, even for high temperature versions, which simplifies installation and eliminates alignment operation, as well as reducing footprint space requirements.

Max Flow

75 m³/hr

Max Head

620 m

Temp Range

-120ºC to +300ºC (std.)

Materials, Std.

AISI 316 (CF8M) Casing & Cover

Duplex 22%Cr Impellers

Materials, Req.

Hastelloy C276

Incoloy 825



ANSI Class 300-600


Universal Flanges to DIN (PN40 - 100)

ANSI B16.5 (Class 300 & 600)


API 685 compliant

SC Mag-M Pumps are side channel Centrifugal Pumps with inducers for low NPSH requirements, suitable to handle liquids which don't contain solids or abrasives. The NPSH inducer allows the operation under critical suction conditions, also at NPSH as low as 0.5m.

The design of the hydraulic allows the pump to handle liquids close to boiling point, which has led to a wide field of applications when condensate, distillate, coolant and liquefied gas need to be pumped.

SC Mag-M Pumps are applied in the chemical & petrochemical, surface finishing & hardening, phameceuticals, plastic & rubber, beverage, and tobacco industries, to name just a few.

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