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Founded in 1935, Salvatore Robuschi are a market leader for customer-orientated designed centrifugal pump solutions which can be tailor-made to almost any requirement. This has been achieved by simply adapting the core product for use in a plethora of markets and applications.

Their range predominantly focuses on Centrifugal Pumps with closed, semi-open & channel impellers built in accordance to ISO 2858/5199 norms as well as units fitted with Recessed Vortex Impellers for effective solids passage.

The complete range can be built in Cast Iron, Stainless Steel (various grades) as well as special alloys such as Duplex & Super Duplex Stainless Steel & Hastelloy B & C.

They have also incorporated into their offering a range of lighter duty & more economical pumps in Micro-Cast Stainless Steel AISI 316 with flow ranges up to 200 m³/hr in both Horizontal and Vertical Immersion configurations, which can run in even the most demanding of conditions.

The range can be used in, but not limited to, the following areas of application:

- Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries: Preparation of active ingredients & waste removal & transfer

- Food Industry: Washing of fruits & vegetables, vacuum conveying & concentration

- Distillation

- Purification

- Tanning & Textiles

- All market sectors which have pumping issues with products that have suspended solids which are difficult to transfer.

Mechanical Seal Options:

Only 1 Casing for up to 15 different Mechanical Seal Arrangements.

Cylindrical chamber built in according to EN 12756 standards can be fitted with any type of mechanical seal or cartridge.

Single mechanical seals, double mechanical seals (tandem or back to back arrangements) or packing can be obtained using relatively few components.

This modular system allow the customer to change seal arrangements using the same casing cover and replacing just a few parts.

Up to 15 different seal arrangement to cover all the customer needs.

Seal arrangements can be fitted with flushing plans in according to API 682 standards (such as PLAN 11, PLAN 52, PLAN 53, PLAN 54).

Please enquire for the full list of options: 023 8025 2325

Flushing Tanks & Heat Exchanger:

Tanks without Cooling:

0.2 Litre Plastic Tanks:

For use with seals in a tandem configuration.

Suitable for small seal sizes (24 – 43 mm) and low operational speeds (24 mm ø = 3000 rpm, 33 & 43 mm ø = 1500 rpm).

3 Litre Stainless Steel AISI 316 Tanks:

For use with seals in a tandem or back to back configuration.

NOT cooled & inexpensive.

6 Bar Max Working Pressure.

50ºC Max Working Temperature.

Tanks with Cooling:

6-12 Litre Stainless Steel AISI 316 Tanks with Cooling System:

For use with seals in a tandem or back to back configuration.

Sizes vary from 6 – 12 Litres depending on manufacturer and model.

16 Bar Max Working Pressure

Tank can be equipped with Pressure Gauge, Thermometer & Level and/or Pressure Controls.

Available ATEX Rated on request.

Typical Tank Installations:

Tandem or Back to back

Shell & Tube or Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers:

Mechanical seals can be fitted with either a Shell & Tube or Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger to reduce the working temperature of the seal and therefore extend its operating life. They are used in a Plan 23 Execution with a bottom and pumping loop (T Execution).

Mechanical Seals from Stock:

A complete selection of spare parts and range of mechanical seals are kept readily available from stock.  The below table shows the selection of seals available which have been chosen from amongst the best seal brands (Burgmann, Chesterton, Crane, Fluiten  & Roten) and cover 90% of most applications. The great availability and range of materials means that the best solution can be found almost every time.

For more information regarding the seals available for Robuschi Pumps, email [email protected]


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  1. Centrifugal Process Pump Centrifugal Process Pump

    The modular RD (Closed Impeller) & RG (Open Impeller) Series of Centrifugal Process Pumps are built with the same hydraulic components, in accordance with ISO 2858 Chemical & ISO 5199 Mechanical Norms.

    These pumps have a modular design with interchangeable parts and wide sealing system choices. The customisable design feature allows these Centrifugal Pumps to be easily employed in applications with aggressive chemicals, suspended solids, high temperatures, high viscosities and high specific gravities.

    This Centrifugal Process Pump range is also available in the RC Series which is a single stage end suction Centrifugal Pump that features a Vortex Impeller which is ideal for soft pumping applications or those with high solids content. Read below for features specific to each range.

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