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PE & PTFE Series Pumps

Tapflo pumps made from polyethylene (PE) or PTFE are suitable for handling almost any kind of liquid whether it is viscous, chemically aggressive or with solids.


Polyethylene Pumps

Polyethylene (PE HD) has a superior wear resistance which is 6 - 7 times better than the polypropylene (PP). This fact makes the pump suitable for handling abrasive slurries etc. PE is resistant to most kind of aggressive chemicals such as concentrated acids and alkaloids. Maximum liquid temperature is 70C.


PTFE Pumps

PTFE (virgin polytetrafluorethylene) is a thermoplastic polymer with superior chemical resistance. The PTFE pump will handle even the most aggressive acids, for instance concentrated nitric acid. Maximum liquid temperature is up to 100C.


PTFE Pump Series

Tapflo PTFE Pump Series 



Example of applications

Chemistry Acids, alkalis, alcohol, solvents, latex, emulsions
Food CIP fluid, flavoring, pigments
Pulp & Paper Glue, slurries, adhesives, dispersions, resins, sodium silicate
Surface conditioning Electroplating baths, anodic sludge
Water treatment Sludge handling, filter press applications
Electronics Carrier fluids, ultra pure liquids, mercury
Print & Paint Glue, ink, paint
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