Low Energy Air Pump (LEAP): Frequently Asked Questions

Find out about Tapflo UK's low energy technology for Diaphragm Pumps to achieve savings on compressed air of up to 70%.

What is LEAP?

LEAP stands for Low Energy Air Pump, our LEAP Technology is at the heart of the Tapflo TC Diaphragm Pump range. Designed and patented in the UK, our low energy pump technology is now sold globally through the Tapflo network. LEAP leads the way as the lowest energy technology for Diaphragm Pumps, designed to drive the Diaphragm Pump market forward with energy savings plus a range of other benefits.

Looking for a quick explanation of our Low Energy Air Pump technology? Check out the video below!

What are the main benefits of using LEAP Technology in a TC Pump?

Tapflo UK's Low Energy Air Pump Technology provides the customer with all the standard benefits and duties of a Diaphragm Pump, as well as an extensive range of benefits not currently available on the market.

  • - Reduce pulsation
  • - Reduce noise
  • - Full control and feedback
  • - Longer operating life
  • - 24V control
  • - Easy and fast maintenance
  • - Cannot stall the pump

Available in HDPE/PTFE, Sanitary & Metal

Low Energy Air Pump

Can I use a TC LEAP Pump with any application?

Our TC Pump with low energy technology can be used for any application where a standard Diaphragm Pump is already being used. The low energy pump technology ensures that the Diaphragm Pump can’t stall, which means when being used in a process critical application, it offers increased reliability and reduced downtime.

Is a Low Energy Pump always better than standard Diaphragm Pump technology?

Yes – any application using a standard Diaphragm Pump can gain additional benefits from the TC range, including lower operational costs or increased control. The benefits are specific to different installations and are dependent on what your business is looking for, as well as the application.

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Want to know more about the lower operational costs associated with our TC LEAP Series? Check out our article, ‘Are your Diaphragm Pumps costing you too much?’

What pumps can low energy technology be fitted to? Can it be retrofitted, or do I need a new pump?

Our low energy technology can be retrofitted to all Tapflo, Dellmeco and Almatec Diaphragm Pumps. You don’t need to buy any special parts, just swap out the centre section of your current Diaphragm Pump for a new TC centre section.

Case Study

Tapflo were approached to offer a solution to a site that only had 1 bar air pressure available and wanted to use an Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump due to the inherent benefits of this technology over a Centrifugal Pump.


Flow:As much as possible with the available air

Head pressure:1 Metre

Air Available:1 Bar Air pressure

Media:Mixed Chemicals

Pump supplier by Tapflo:

Pump Offered:TC200 PTT

Diaphragms: PTFE

Valve Balls: PTFE

Sides: HDPE Solid Block

Air Pressure required: 0.1 bar to start

Flow received: 120LPM at 1 BAR air

Other benefits: Reduced pulsation due to the low energy air pump technology, this meant that the customer had no water hammer in his discharge line.


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