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    What is a Pulsation Dampener?

    A Pulsation Dampener is an inline dampening device used to smooth out 99% of the pump’s pulsation. Diaphragm Pumps inherently produce a very turbulent discharge flow meaning that in some instances a Pulsation Dampeners are required to give a smooth pulse-free flow.

    Tapflo manufacture and distribute Active Pulsation Dampeners worldwide. An Active Pulsation Dampener will adjust its output based on pressure and airflow changes made by the Diaphragm Pump compared to a passive Pulsation Dampener which requires the operator to pre-charge it to work in line with the pump’s air pressure. When the pressure changes, these Pulsation Dampeners will require their operator to pre-charge them again to suit the new pressure.

    Tapflo’s DT Active Pulsation Dampener makes the process simpler and more efficient for operators.

    What applications will I need a Pulsation Dampener for?

    Pulsation Dampeners are required in some process applications when the customer needs smooth flow into the next phase of the production line, for example, to get an accurate reading through a flow meter or to fill a hopper consistently. On the flip side, Dampeners can be used to reduce water hammer effects through the pipework. Water hammer is where the pump causes the pipes to vibrate and potentially fail, a smooth flow from a Pulsation Dampener reduces this.

    How does an Active Pulsation Dampener work? Pulsation Dampener

    The Active Pulsation Dampener works by supplying an equal pressure to the pulsation supplied by the pump. The Dampener supplies this pressure during the low-pressure points of the pump’s operation, as the pressure drops between pump strokes creating a pulsating flow. The pressure supplied by the dampener decreases pressure variations, therefore producing a steady flow from your Diaphragm Pump.

    What are the benefits of using an Active Pulsation Dampener?

    • Extends pump life
    • Minimize water hammer effects and vibration
    • Reduces pump maintenance costs
    • Protect your pipe system

    Case Study

    Tapflo supplied a 2” Air Operated Diaphragm Pump to a bleach factory, the customer used the T400 PTT for a couple of days and then called us to explain that the bleach line, running along the roof of his production facility, was shaking. Due to the nature of the product being pumped health and safety on site could not allow this to continue.


    Product: DT400 PTT

    Size: 2” inline active pulsation dampener

    Materials: HDPE and PTFE wetted parts.

    This smoothed out the flow of the pump almost 100% and stopped any vibration through the customer’s pipework – removing the health and safety risk.

    Click here for information on our Pulsation Dampener Troubleshooting.

    If you’re in a business looking for a steady output from your Diaphragm Pump, get in contact with our Sales Team for a quote.

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