Peristaltic Pump Hose Assemblies & Fittings


Peristaltic Pump Hose Assemblies & Fittings

Tapflo UK Ltd. are capable of supplying supply flexible hose assemblies and fittings for Peristaltic Pumps, which are custom made for a wide variety of applications and industries such as:

  1. - Rubber Hose

  2. - Suction & Delivery Hose

  3. - Oil Resistant Hose

  4. - Chemical Hose

  5. - PTFE Hose

  6. - Metallic Hose

  7. - Sanitary Hose

  8. - Food Grade Hose

  9. - Air Hose

  10. - UHMWPE Chemical Hose

  11. - Anti-Static Hose

  12. - Hose Reels

We have the capabilities to supply our hoses in cut lengths or indeed swaged with your required connection type or clamped from our vast selection of clamp types such as Jubiliee Clips or Mikalor Clamps for example.

Peristaltic Pump Fittings & Adaptors

To compliment the hose assemblies we can also supply the affiliated fittings and adaptors to fit to your hose or pump system. We can supply these in Brass, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Nylon & Glass Reinforced PP (Polyglass).

Fitting & Adaptor types available, but not limited to, are as follows:

  1. - CAM Locks, IBC & Drum Fittings

  2. - BSP / NPT M Threaded Fittings

  3. - Hygienic – (RJT, Tri-Clamp, SMS etc…)

  4. - ANSI / DIN Flanges & Universal Flange Adaptors

  5. - Expansion Bellows, Expansion Joints & Anti-Vibration Couplings

  6. - Quick Release & Dry Break Coupings


  1. - Straight through, leak free connection of pumps to hose assemblies.

  2. - No special tools required

  3. - Available in Aluminium, Brass, Stainless Steel AISI 316 (½” to 6”) & Polyglass (½” to 4”)

  4. - Buna-N Gaskets are standard for Metallic couplers & Ribbed Santoprene for Polyglass. Depending on the application these can be supplied in Neoprene, EPDM, Viton, Teflon Buna, Teflon Viton and FEP - / Silicone fully encapsulated.

  5. - BSP or NPT Threaded as well as Buttress threaded versions for IBC’s.

  6. - Working Pressures up to 10 Bar

  7. - Max Working Temperatures up to 200ºC

  8. - 1 Material Certification available on SS 316 units

  9. - Special versions with Spiral Tails for use on composite hoses with spirals or helixes or Couplers with Flanged ends are also available on request.

How Camlock Couplings Work

The coupling is completed by opening, by hand, the levers on the sides of the Female Coupler and inserting the male coupler. The levers are then closed, by hand, and a liquid tight connection is formed.

hose and assemblies

hose and assemblies

IBC & Drum Fittings

IBC Adaptors

Designed to facilitate quick, secure & easy to maintain IBC & drum offloading systems these fittings also offer excellent chemical resistance with their bodies in Polyglass and all moving parts in Stainless Steel. They enable the conversion of the IBC buttress connection at the bottom of the IBC into a BSP thread, CAM Lock or Hose Tail for easier connection to hose assemblies. Connections with swivel joints and threaded vents are also available on request.

Hygienic Fittings & Counter Connections:

Hygienic Fittings

To complement our extensive range of sanitary pumps we also supply a full range of hygienic fittings, counter connections and valves.

  1. - Fittings: 45, 90 & 180º Bends, Equal, Pulled & Reducing Tees, Swept, Seagull & Y-Piece, Concentric & Eccentric Reducers, Spray Balls

  2. - Counter Connections & Adaptors: Garolla, DIN 11851, Macon, Tri-Clamp, SMS, RJT, Friederich

  3. - Valves: Safety Relief, Butterfly & Ball (2 & 3 Way), Non Return, Diaphragm, Sample & Air Vent

  4. - Hygienic Strainers: Y-Type, In-Line, Perforated & Wedge Wire

  5. - Hygienic Tube & Tube Supports

Brass, Stainless Steel AISI 316 & Polyglass Pipe Threaded Fittings 

threaded fittingsthreaded fittings

ANSI / DIN Flanges & Universal Flange Adaptors

Universal Flange Adaptor

To enable easy transition between our pump systems and the installation it is being integrated into Tapflo UK Ltd. can also supply a variety of ANSI / DIN Flanges, Gaskets and Universal Flange Adaptors. Flange adaptors are commonly used for joining pipes of different rigid materials together. Such as Cast Iron, Stainless Steel & PVC. Our flange adaptors are available according to EN1092-2 PN10/PN16, ANSI up to DN400 and BSTD up to DN400 (Except DN250.) They are Epoxy coated Cast Iron with EPDM seals as standard and available up to DN1400 (55”).

Expansion Bellows, Expansion Joints & Anti-Vibration Couplings

Expansion Bellows

Tapflo UK Ltd. have a wide array of Expansion Bellows, Expansion Joints & Anti-Vibration Couplings to facilitate the protection pipework and pump systems from extension, compression and misalignments as well as noise & vibration reduction, which in turn allows for further reduction of the effects of water hammer.

Flanged Expansion Bellows

Flanged Expansion

Available from DN 32 to DN 600 with EPDM, NBR or Stainless Steel Bellows and Swivelling Galvanised Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Flanges. WRAS approved & Control Rod Units are available on request. Max Pressure: 16 Bar (DN 32-300) / 10 Bar (DN 350-600), Max Vacuum: 0.7 Bar, Max Temp: 100ºC (EPDM) / 80ºC (NBR) / 427ºC (SS).

Threaded Expansion Bellows

Threaded Expansion Bellows

Available from ¾” to 3” with EPDM, NBR or Stainless Steel Bellows and Galvanised Iron or Stainless Steel Union Connections. WRAS approved units are available on request. Max Pressure: 16 Bar, Max Vacuum: 0.5 Bar, Max Temp: 100ºC (EPDM) / 80ºC (NBR), 427ºC (SS)

Anti-Vibration Couplings

Anti Vibration Couplings

Available from DN20 to DN200 with universal PN6 / 10 Flange Connection, EPDM Body & Galvanised Carbon Steel Internal Flanges, Tie Rods & Nuts. Max Pressure: 10 Bar, Max Temp: 100ºC.

Quick Release & Dry Break Couplings

For applications where close to zero spillage is required, due to H&S regulations, environmental factors, where cleanliness is of prime importance or where the value of the pumped product is too high to account for losses or spillages, Tapflo UK Ltd. are capable of supplying Quick Release or Dry Break Couplings.

Quick Release Couplings or Quick Disconnects / Quick Connectors are a fast and tool free alternative to threaded or flanged connections which self-seal upon disconnection and are available in with a wide variety of materials, styles & features including “single shut off” and “straight through” variants.

The Dry Break Coupling or Dry Connect/Dry Disconnect Coupling features automatic sealing mechanisms, typically by valves, which facilitate complete isolation of the process fluid within the hose or pipework assembly. These are available in both Sanitary and Industrial designs in a wide variety of materials & styles.

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