Booster Sets

Tapflo are able to offer bespoke booster set systems in SS 304, SS 316 and PVC to suit almost any pressure boosting requirement for domestic, industrial, building services, agricultural, irrigation and industrial applications. All are subjected to a full electrical and wet test upon completion and all duty parameters are preset according to customer specifications before dispatch. We also offer a full commissioning and repair service where sets can be fully overhauled, re-built and tested before returning to site.

WRAS Approved Single, Twin or Triple Constant Pressure Cold Water Booster Sets

Designed to increase water pressure where the existing water tank or mains pressure is sufficient to supply an adequate system pressure. These systems incorporate variable speed controllers which continually adjust the speed of the pumps to match the changes in demand whilst maintaining a preset system pressure. The pumps are configured in Duty/Assist/Standby arrangements and programmed to run in a staged cascade mode on both start up and shut down. The variable speed controllers can be fitted to each pump or a bespoke control panel in ABS or Stainless Steel Enclosures can be used.

Raised Break Tank Single, Twin or Triple Constant Pressure Booster Sets

We can integrate the above booster sets into a common framework with a break tank positioned above with raised ball valve chamber. These are particularly useful in small plant rooms where space is a premium. The tanks are manufactured to BS 13280:2001 standards from high quality glass reinforced polyester (GRP) resins.

WRAS Approved CAT 5 or Back Flow Prevention Booster Sets

Incorporating a 68 Litre PP Break Tank with raised ball valve chamber with an AB air gap. The set monitors the pressure requirements of the system and will automate the pump accordingly.

WRAS Approved AGAP Booster Sets

All AGAP units can be configured with any specific pump arrangement and can be supplied with either AG & AF (Cat 4) or AB (Cat 5) Air Gap facilities. They can be supplied with detachable framework and manways for easy access and installation.

Sub-Compact Booster Sets

A space saving solution for cold water boosting applications where the pumps are submerged within a GRP tank which is submerged into floor spaces. These can be supplied with single or twin pump arrangements, fixed or variable speed in single or 3 phase. As with the AGAP systems, all tanks are WRAS approved and can be supplied with either AG, AF (Cat 4) or AB (Cat 5) Air Gap facilities. Smaller models are designed to fit through standard door frames making them ideal for retro-fit applications. As these systems are bespoke we are able to offer these with break tanks, frame works for gantry mounting and numerous paint and surface finishes as well as drip pan systems upon request. Our variable speed controllers have the following features and options:

  • - BMS Volt Free Contacts for wiring of low level floats, flow meters & transducers
  • - Dry Run, Over Temperature & Over Current Protection
  • - Automatic Cascade Mode
  • - Password Protection
  • - Soft Start Safety Functionality
  • - Anti-Seize Facility
  • - Automatic Changeover
  • - LCD Display with Touch Screen as an option
  • - Volt and Amp Meters
  • - Emergency Stop
  • - Auto / Manual / Isolation Switch
  • - Door Interlock
  • - ABS or Stainless Steel Enclosures
  • - Remote Maintenance & Monitoring

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