DT Series Pulsation Dampener Installation

Example Installation
Diagram of DT Series Pulsation Dampener Installation

The DT Series Pulsation Dampener installation should be done according to the above sketch. It can be connected with a nipple immediately after the pump outlet, or placed independent of the pump with a flexible hose between the pump and the dampener.

Make sure that the dampener does not cause any tension or strain to the pump.

The air hose is connected to the pump air hose with a T-connection, between the pump and regulator/valves (see sketch). It is important that the air to the dampener must have the same flow and pressure as to the pump.

In order to ensure the most effective pulsation dampening, the dampener should be installed no further than five times the diameter of the pipeline from the discharge flange of the pump, L<5 x Ø

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