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All about your flow

Centrifugal CTH Series Pumps

Tapflo CTH pumps are designed with a glass blasted pump casing. The pumps, which come with a variety of connection types, mechanical seal options and


Ingenious Design

Tapflo pumps feature a very simple and ingenious design, which with only 19 different components allow for easy and quick maintenance. So quick and easy, that many of our pumps are maintenance free. If something does go wrong, our design means that down time is minimal.


Options and special executions

Flushed seal

Ideal when abrasive or sticky particles are present, this system recirculates a small amount of the pumped product from the discharge side to the seal chamber, which will save the mechanical seal and chamber from being overly worn.

Lubricated seal

A great option where there is a potential risk of dry rnning, or where the product tends to solidify or crystallise. This system utilises an oil cup connected to the mechanical seal, which lubricates the chamber, which helps prevent wear.

Long coupled execution

The perfect solution when pumping hot products like oil at temperatures up to 180C.

Draining device

A simple yet effective option, a plug is mounted to the bottom of the pump casing which allows draining of the entire pump.


Tapflo UK Centrifugal CTI Pump

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Example of applications

Chemistry Acids, alkalis, alcohol, solvents, latex, emulsions
Food CIP fluid, flavoring, pigments
Pulp & Paper Glue, slurries, adhesives, dispersions, resins, sodium silicate
Surface conditioning Electroplating baths, anodic sludge
Water treatment Sludge handling, filter press applications
Electronics Carrier fluids, ultra pure liquids, mercury
Print & Paint Glue, ink, paint