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Frequency Inverters

Frequency Inverters
Frequency Inverters

Frequency Inverters

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Frequency Inverters, also known as Variable Frequency Drives or AC Drives, transform AC motor control by offering adjustable frequency and voltage to optimise speed and torque. Available in 2 configurations: Loose Configuration is ideal for operators seeking hands-on installation and Pre-Installed Cabinet which comes complete with a control system and calibration, providing a hassle-free setup.

  • Dry-run protection
  • Built-in PID controllers
  • 150% overload capacity for demanding conditions
  • Operating LCD display supporting 16 languages
  • Pre-configured application macros facilitate quick and easy commissioning
  • Optional Extension & Fieldbus Modules
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What are Frequency Inverters for?

Frequency Inverters allow you to control the speed and power of the electric motor in your pump by altering the voltage and magnitude.

The ACS355 series, manufactured by ABB (market leader in the drive systems market), is of the highest quality with great functionality and available in 2 different standards.

  1. Loose – to be installed by the customer
  2. Pre-Installed in a cabinet including control system & calibrated

Key Features of the ACS355 Frequency Inverters:

  1. Exceptionally compact & uniform design
  2. Operating LCD display in 16 different languages
  3. Quick & Easy commissioning with pre-configured application macros
  4. Extension & Fieldbus Modules are optional
  5. Instructions & Catalogues in multiple languages
  6. Dedicated Tapflo Internal Technical Support available

Key Functions of the ACS355 Frequency Inverters:

  1. Built in Dry-Run Protection for Centrifugal Pumps
  2. 2 Built-In PID Controllers for simple pressure or flow control without external controllers
  3. Safe torque-off function (SIL3) as standard
  4. Built-on C3 EMC Filter and brake chopper
  5. Sensorless Vector Control
  6. 150% overload capacity

Frequency Inverter Options

Options available on request

High Protection Class (IP66/NEMA 4X) with additional options:

  1. Cable Gland Kit (IP69k according to DIN 40050-9)
  2. Built-in Lockable On / Off / Isolation Switch
  3. Pressure Compensation Valve

Fieldbus Modules

  1. Modbus RTU
  2. Modbus TCP / IP
  3. Profibus DP

Extension Modules

  1. Encoder Feedback Module
  2. Relay Outputs Module
  3. Auxiliary 24V DC Power Module

Loose Supply Product Coding

  1. ACS355T
  2. 003
  3. Frequency Inverter Series (ACS355T as standard)
  4. Motor Power

003 = 0.37 kW

220 = 22.0 kW

Example: ACS355T-003 is a standard frequency inverter for a 0.37 kW/3 Phase motor Note: Frequency Inverters for higher motor powers are available on request.

Control Cabinets with built-in Frequency Inverters

Control Cabinet with built in Frequency Inverters

  1. Cabinet made of Stainless Steel (ground AISI 304) or painted Carbon Steel (RAL 7035)
  2. Cable Glands made of Stainless Steel or Polyamide
  3. ACS355T Frequency Inverter Included
  4. Mains Isolation Switch – Lockable in OFF position for servicing purposes
  5. Miniature Circuit Breaker protecting the supply lines
  6. Start / Stop Push Buttons & Potentiometer to control motor speed
  7. Emergency Stop Push Button connected to Safe Torque-Off Inputs
  8. Thermistor Connection (Optional)
  9. Inverter Configuration according to customer guidelines

Product Coding CPS – AC355T – 003 – PTC1 2 3 4

  1. Cabinet Version:

CPS – Stainless Steel Cabinet w/ Stainless Steel Cable Glands CPI – Painted Steel Cabinet w/ Polyamide Cable Glands

  1. Frequency Inverter Series
  2. Motor Power:

003 = 0.37 kW

220 = 22.0 kW

  1. Options:

Blank – No options

PTC – PTC Connection option

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Largest UK Stock

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