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In-Line Heavy Duty Centrifugal Pump

In-Line Heavy Duty Centrifugal Pump
In-Line Heavy Duty Centrifugal Pump

In-Line Heavy Duty Centrifugal Pump

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The In-Line Heavy Duty Centrifugal Pump is designed for demanding industrial applications where high flow rates and high pressures are required. Constructed with robust materials such as Stainless Steel, Cast Iron or Alloy, this pump can withstand abrasive liquids in high pressure applications. Typically used for Wastewater Treatment, Water Supply, Irrigation and Chemical processes.

  • Clean/slightly contaminated low viscosity liquids without solids and fibrous particles
  • Life-time grease-lubricated ball bearing types
  • Compact and space-saving
  • ATEX-rating for use in hazardous environments

Max. Flow:

Max. Head:

Max. Temp:






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This pump is typically constructed with robust materials such as cast iron, stainless-steel and alloy to withstand high-pressure and abrasive liquids. They also have superior seals and bearings to ensure long service life. These pumps are designed to be installed in a pipeline and pumping fluid in the same direction as the pipe. This design allows for a compact and space-saving installation and minimal piping connections. The In-Line Heavy Duty pumps can be powered by electric motor or engine.

  • ‘Back pull’ design, allowing for easy maintenance as complete bearing assembly, impeller and casing cover can be removed without dismantling the volute casing from the pipework. Spacer coupling also allows disassembly of the rotor without removing the electric motor
  • Flanges conform to EN1092-2/PN 10 or PN16. (EN 1092-1/PN 10 or PN 16 for steel/stainless-steel casing). ANSI/ASME flanges are also available
  • Dynamically and statically balanced impellers, in accordance with ISO 1940 Grade 6.3
  • Impellers utilise balancing holes to balance axial thrust
  • Bearings used are life-time grease-lubricated ball bearing types

Code: TILP-H

Connection Flanges: DN 40… DN 150mm

Capacity: up to 800m³/hr

Head: up to 95 m.W.C

Casing Pressure (Pmax): 10 – 16 bar

Operating Temperature: -10°C up to +140°C

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Largest UK Stock

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