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Why You Should be Using a Peristaltic Pump

Not using a Peristaltic Pump? Maybe you should be!

Here at Tapflo, we like to make your life as easy as possible when it comes to pumps. With the wide range of different types of pumps and systems we offer, it can sometimes be difficult to know which one to go for, so we’ve listed a few reasons on how a Peristaltic Pump could change the way you use pumps!

  1. A Peristaltic Pump is easily maintained

If you use a Peristaltic Pump, you’re sure to be in for a life of not having to worry about the maintenance! The pumps are easily maintained, meaning less downtime for your pump, so your business can be back up and running at 100% efficiency in no time. Just one way a Peristaltic Pump can make your busy day that little bit less stressful!

Peristaltic Pump

Exploded diagram of our Peristaltic Pump

High Pressure Peristaltic Pump 

  1. Peristaltic Pump Hoses are High-Calibre

Peristaltic Pump Hoses

Peristaltic Pump Hoses

If you buy good quality hoses for your pump, it will improve the overall quality of the pump and how it works. Tapflo supply hoses that are manufactured from 2-6 individual layers of braided polyamide, which are compressed together to enable Tapflo hoses to last almost 30% longer than industry standard hoses on the market. Long-life hoses will ensure that you’ll be keeping your spares costs down, meaning that investing in a Peristaltic Pump could reduce your financial headache, what an improvement!

If you’re looking for additional information on the hoses that Tapflo supply, you can read all about your options in Peristaltic Pump Options.

The hoses that Tapflo supply will also fit the majority of other Peristaltic Pumps on the market, so if you’re not quite ready to let go of your current pump for one supplied by Tapflo, we should be able to supply you with hoses, and if you’re not sold after using one of those then you obviously need to read one of our other articles about Peristaltic Pumps!

6 Reasons You Should be Using a PT Peristaltic Pump

  1. Peristaltic Pumps have a Sealless Design

The sealless design of a Peristaltic Pump removes the chance of the pump leaking, wear problems or the product being contaminated. Purchasing a Peristaltic Pump with a sealless design ensures that you will be less likely to have to deal with your pump being out of action or requiring lots of maintenance. Typically, pumps constructed with seals, vanes and valves, fail repeatedly or require high maintenance which is cost-effective and time-consuming.

Using a Peristaltic Pump will leave you less worried about leakage, which will save you time and money. In fact, if the hose on your pump does rupture, your pump still won’t be damaged because the pump’s gearbox is protected by a lip seal, which will take the damage rather than allowing the product being pumped to penetrate the pump’s gearbox. This is just one of the advantages of a Peristaltic Pump because it’s only the hose that comes into contact with the product being pumped. So why worry with another pump brand, when you could have a stress-free Peristaltic Pump


  1. Peristaltic Pumps are flexible in their operation.

They can handle a large variety of applications, ranging from shear sensitive and abrasive fluids, and those containing hard solids. They can operate at low and high-pressures for transfer applications, as well as the ability to be used for dosing and metering with aggressive, pure, neutral, low or high viscosity liquids. This means that if the parameters of your application change, it’s more than likely that you can continue to use your Peristaltic Pump.

Investing in your pump equipment means you won’t have to waste time or money looking for a new pump in the future. In fact, you could spend that time doing the important work and have time to enjoy a cup of tea for 10 minutes, knowing that you bought a high-quality Peristaltic Pump from Tapflo rather than finding out that this was the choice that you should have originally made.

To view the whole range of Peristaltic Pumps we can offer, head to the Peristaltic Hose Pumps page, where you can also find an extensive list of Hose Assemblies & Fittings, including expansion joints and CAM locks.

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