Case Studies

anerobic case study

One of our distributors contacted us on behalf of a customer working on an Anaerobic Digestion Plant, asking for help with assessing the problems they were having with their digestate transfer pumps.

Click on the image to read about the issues the customer encountered and how Tapflo saved the day!

chemical manufacturing plant

A Chemical Manufacturing customer used to spend approximately £10,000 a year per pump system on maintenance contracts, as well as over £800 per diaphragm, and due to the complex pumps they were using, downtime was lengthy.

Read our case study to find out how Tapflo not only saved the customer money, but also supplied them with the most cost effective diaphragm pump on the market!

surface treatment

Have a read of our Surface Treatment section for an in-depth insight into the industry, covering applications, the surface treatment process and the various sectors within the industry.

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