CTI Industrial Centrifugal Pump

CT Centrifugal Pumps

What Makes CT Centrifugal Pumps Different?

Tapflo CT Centrifugal Pumps are single stage centrifugal pumps that are open or semi-open. They are made of stainless steel AISI 316L so are strong as well as well finished. These pumps are suitable for use in high demand industries and can perform a variety of tasks. Tapflo CT range series include the CTI, CTH and CTM Centrifugal pumps.

The industrial series CTI is designed with glass blasted pump casing. A variety of connection types, mechanical seal options and other executions are available to satisfy most type of industrial duties.

The hygienic series CTH is supplied with electro polished pump casing and internals. This series is specially dedicated for hygienic duties in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, where clean- and drain-ability are important keys.

The CT range has a very wide range of applications – from transfer of water, to pumping of mild chemicals. Now with the hygienic series CTH, the number of applications within food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries has increased dramatically.

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