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Diaphragm Pump

What is a diaphragm pump?

A diaphragm pump, otherwise known as a postive displacement pump, is a type of postive displacement pump which uses an alternating Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or rubber diaphragm to pump a fluid such as foodstuffs or chemical liquids under pressure.

How do diaphragm pumps work?

The Tapflo diaphragm pump is driven by compressed air. The two diaphragms, connected by a diaphragm shaft, are pushed back and forth by alternately pressurising the air chambers behind the diaphragms using an automatically cycling air valve system.

Tapflo Diaphragm Pump animation working principle

Benefits of the Tapflo diaphragm pump…

Thanks to the simple operating principle, with a compact and reliable construction, our pumps meet the demands of heavy industrial duties. Below are some of the major benefits of Tapflo pumps.

Features & benefits

  • Run dry without damage.
  • Easy to use, no need of guarding device.
  • Infinitely variable flow control.
  • Flexible and easy to adjust.
  • Few components.
  • Low down time and mainenance costs.
An image of a Tapflo Pump

1) Reinforcement webbing
2) Light metal core
3) EPDM layer
4) PTFE layer

Can diaphragm pumps run dry?

Yes. Diaphragm pumps have the ability to run dry and against closed valves without damage. Other features of the diaphragm pump include easy cleaning and draining, gentle pumping with no damage of sensitive products, hygenic surfaces made from polished stainless steel, flexible installation, no leakage and environmentally friendly.

Diaphragm pumps vs centrifugal pumps

Diaphragm Pumps
  • Wetted suction up to 8m
  • Dry Priming
  • Can run dry with little adverse effects
  • Have the ability to dead head
  • Easy control
  • Easy Maintenance
Centrifugal Pumps
  • Smooth Pulse Free Flow
  • Easy Control
  • Quiet Running
  • Easy Maintenance

Long life diaphragms

With our experience of diaphragm manufacture since 1990, we are able to supply unique technology compression molded diaphragms of outermost quality.

Tapflo diaphragms are of composite construction, superior for continuous heavy duty service, with a completely smooth surface in contact with the liquid. This results in no leak through and a diaphragm which is easy to keep clean. The diaphragm is available in various materials and colours to suit any requirements, it is made from PTFE TFM, PTFE TFM modified for solvents, EPDM, NBR or FKM.

An advanced process of preforming, curing, trimming and finishing result in a long life composite diaphragm that will last for many millions of stroke cycles.

All compounds are special developed and optimized for composite diaphragm technology and compression molding production. Components are chemically bonded by bonding agents and adhesives.

What is a diaphragm pump used for?

  • Food and beverage
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Energy, water treatment and surface treatment
  • Nuclear
  • Pulp and paper
  • Hygienic applications
  • Paint, print and varnish
  • Slurry and mud - similar to the mudsucker diaphragm pump

Accessories for your Tapflo Diaphragm Pump

Diaphragm Pumps have a broad range of available accessories, Tapflo Design and manufacture a full range of control and monitoring systems to ensure efficient and simple control throughout your process.

Tapflo Guardian – Fully pneumatic monitoring system used to monitor the pumps performance for safety and energy saving.
Tapflo Batcher – Fully Pneumatic Batching counter used to accurately batch a set amount of media and then shut the pump down.
Tapflo Level System – Fully Pneumatic Automatic Level system used to maintain set levels within a volume of media.
Tapflo Life Counter - Pump life counter that works off the exhaust of the pump.
Tapflo UK also have the ability in house to design and manufacture specialist control systems for Diaphragm pumps.

What is the cost of running a Tapflo Pump?

Diaphragm pumps as a collective are expensive to run due to the rising cost of compressed air, Tapflo UK have developed a range of new Low Energy Air Pumps (LEAP) using patented technology Tapflo UK are able to offer energy savings of up to 70%. Our pumps fitted with the LEAP centre can start pumping at as little as 0.10 bar air pressure, comparing this with the industry standard of 1.5 bar, the LEAP technology is at the forefront of pumping globally.

If I want to buy a Diaphragm Pump from Tapflo UK, how do I do that?

Tapflo UK’s Headquarters are based in Southampton, Hampshire. Tapflo have a dedicated team of external Sales Engineers based around the UK that work alongside a strong support network in the office. If you’re reading this you have come to the right place, please find contact details at the bottom of the page – give us a call we are more than happy to help!


Water treatment

Pumping samples, dosing acids and alkalis for pH-control. Transfer of flocculent, suspensions, chemical reagents and sludges. The pumps are resistant to hydrochloric acid and ferric chlorite, plus many others.

Paint, print and varnish industry

Transfer of water – and solventbased paints, ink, varnish, glue, adhesives and solvents. Transfer, recirculation and blendning of ink in printing industies.

Hygienic applications

Transfer of food products like soup, cream, syrup, milk, yoghurt, flavours, spirit, chocolate, dough, creams, paste, perfumes and toothpaste. Service applications as spraying of cleaning liquid in CIP systems.

Mechanical industry

Handling of oil, fats, lubricants, cooling liquids, washing and cleaning liquids, solvents and waste products etc.

Pulp and paper industry

Transport of glue, sodium silicate, colour and titanium oxide etc. Bleaching products, sampling and waste water handling.

Chemical Industry

Transfer of all kind of acids, alkalis, alcohol, solvents and shear sensitive products such as latex and emulsions, as well as chemical waste products.

Surface conditioning

Transport of chemicals from storage tanks, containers and baths, for example in pickling, galvanization and degreasing. Handling of waste products.

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